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The following pictures can be used to reference items listed in the sale document.  They do not necessarily appear in the order they are listed in the document.  

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Amy's Nail Boutique - Gingham, Aphrodite Lacquer - Mai Tai, Rainbow Polish - Teal Diamond, Once Upon A Polish - The Caterpillar, All That Glitters - Vinyl Junkie, Candeo Colors - Laser Light
Girly Bits - Sailor's Delight, Lac Attack - Decidedly Deciduous, Vivid Lacquer - Ragdoll's Soliloquy, Harlequin's Adoration, Dollish Polish - Team Salvatore, Pretty n Polished - Swing, Makeup Your Face - Pumpkin Mash, Glitz In A Bottle - Candy Corn
BAM Nail Lacquer - Eye of Newt, Lunar Enchantment, Apparitional, Gossamer Sparkle, Spellbound
OPI - DS Sapphire, DS Amethyst, DS Desire

Lynnderella - Love Lace & Lilacs, Gotta Love Brains
Hard Candy Mini Set
Claire's Scented Minis Set
Crayola Scented Minis Set
Sparitual Minis - Illumination, Knowledge, Looking Glass, Break of Dawn
Pixel Polish - Oh Sooish, Spywear, Oh My, Oh Golly Gee, Oh Pardon Me

Jesse's Girl - Girl's Night Out, Riff Raff, Crush, Gun Metal
Borghese - Siena, Limoncello, Vigneto, Marino
Borghese - Mochaccino, Euro Green, Dolce Vita Fuchsia
Confetti - Lonesome Dove, Rimmel - Camoflage, Rags to Riches, Hard Metal
Covergirl - Gold Rush, Disco Dazzle, City Lights, Crystal Mist
KleanColor - Hot Stuff, Shooting Star, Take a Hint, Chunky Silver, Silver Star, My Valentine
KleanColor - Winter Wonderland, Metallic White, Pink Star, Orchid Chrome, Disco Ball, Blue Satin
KleanColor - Pearl Silver, TLC, Forest Fairy, Midnite Queen, Covalt, Disco Purple
Nailtini - Caviar Cocktail, Tahiti Breeze, ChiChi, Butter London - Teddy Girl, Nubar - Moon Eclipse, Raspberry Truffle
Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament, Whitehall
Essie - Kisses and; Bises, Montauk the End, Natural Cotton, Pretty In Pink, Sugar Daddy
Essie - Scarlet O Hara, She's Picture Perfect, Lapiz of Luxury, Lifesaver, Bright Tights
Essie - Carnival, Trophy Wife, Licorice, Sexy Divide, Dive Bar
Sassy Sparkle, Star Light, Sparkling Diamonds, Grapevine, Goddess, Rainbow Glitter
LA Colors - Live, Tropical Storm, Jungle Fever, Green Tea, Sea Siren, Atomic
LA Colors - Magnetic Force, 575, Aztec Orange, Hot Blooded, 576, Merlot
LA Colors - Pink Sizzle, Tahiti Sunrise, Electric Charge, Perfect Sunset, Nuclear Energy
LA Colors - Amethyst, Tropical Breeze, Fun In The Sun, Static Electricity, Dark Denim, Blue Lagoon
LA Girl - Head Banging, Punk, Rockstar, Groupie, Incognito
Pure Ice Crackles - Lightning Strikes, Strobelight, Hot Couture, Crushed, Catwalk, Strike a Pose, Jetsetter, All Shooked Up
Pure Ice - Hot Tamale, Really Rio, Iced Copper, Vineyard, All Nighter, Scandal
Pure Ice - Dreamy, Watermelon Ice, Rosebud, Free Fall, Tease, Rio
Pure Ice - Mint Dream, Home Run!, Once Again!, Vegas Strip, Rescue Me, Free Spirit, Not Now
China Glaze Crackles - Crushed Candy, Cracked Concrete, Black Mesh
China Glaze Magnetics - Attraction, Drawn To You, Instant Chemistry, You Move Me, Cling On, Pull Me Close
China Glaze - Optical Illusion. Rainbow, Go Go Pink, Lemon Fizz, Solar Power, Avalanche
China Glaze - Trendsetter, Westside Warrior, Near Dark, Crimson
Concrete Catwalk, Street Chic, Foie Gras, Poinsettia, Winter Berry
OPI Shatter - Black Shatter, Blue Shatter, Silver Shatter
OPI - Firefly, Wing It!, Rally Pretty Pink, Wooden Shoe Like To Know, Call Me On My Cell-ery, Teal The Cows Come Home, Blue My Mind
NK Studio Line - Velvet Green, Violet, Iceberg, Apricot, Gold Shimmer
Nicka K - Noir, Infinity, Magical, Mardi Gras, Baked Brown, Green Apple
Nicka K - Sweet Sensation, Cotton Candy, Clementine
Nicka K - Turquoise, Aquamarine, Heart Blue, Teal
Color Club Crackle - Clean Break, Splitting Image, Smash Hit
Color Club - Nomadic In Nude, Fam & Fortune, Special Effects, Resort To Red, Jewel of a Girl, Pink (unknown name), Light Pink (unknown name)
Color Club - Femme Fatale, Diamond Drops, Voodoo You Do, Factory Girl, Emerald Depths, Sky High
Sally Hansen Gem Crush - Glitz Gal, Be Jewelled, Bling-tastic, Big Money, Razzle Dazzler
Sally Hansen Crackle - Snow Blast, Cherry Smash, Antiqued Gold
Sally Hansen - Wavelength, Resolution. LCD, Gentle Blossom, South Sea Pearl
Sally Hansen - Ice Queen, On The Rocks, Tough Love, Unbreakable Heart, Mighty Mango
Sally Hansen - Diamonds, Bride to Be, Pulled Sugar, Pink Promise, Red Velvet
Sally Hansen - Paparazzi, Commander In Chic, Mudslide, Calypso Blue
Sally Hansen - Instant Iris, Magenta Motion, Racy Rogue, Cinna-snap
Sally Hansen - Purple Haste, Grape Going, Chartreuse Chase, Night Flight
Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow, Green with Envy, Teeny Greeny Bikini, Ivy League, Mint Sorbet, Going Green, Blue Me Away!, Gunmetal
Sally Hansen - Pink Satin, Lacy Lilac, Violet Voltage, Deep Purple, Purple Gala
Sally Hansen - Blizzard Blue, Disco Ball, In The Spotlight, Twinkle Twinkle, Set the Stage, Golden-I
Sally Hansen - Bright Future, Bubblegum Pink, Fuchsia Power, Very Cherry, Ruby Stilettos, Red Carpet, Crushed
FingerPaints - Frosty Night, Sparkle Top Coat, Stunning Stilettos, Where art Renoir?, Key To My Art, Artist's Inspiration, Haute Taupe
FingerPaints - Vermillion $ Painting, Yule Be Merry, Santa Kisses, Micheltangelo, Tangerine Twist
FingerPaints - Give Pink A Chance, Color Inside the Lines, Watermelon Watercolor, Drawn To You, Lavender Highlight, Purple Palette
FingerPaints - Art Nouv-Yellow, Groovy Green, Comet's Collar, 15 Minutes of Frame, To-Teally Hot, All You Need Is Color, Vintage Velvet, Tough Art To Follow
FingerPaints - Drummer Boy, To-Teally Chic, Late Night Rendezvous, Inkblot Blue, Art You Blue?, Artistic Azure, Artist's Sapphire
Julep - Jessica, Susie, Annette, Melissa, Leighton, Maya, Blake, Stella, Olivia
Julep - Rachel, Demi, Jodie, Natalie, Cameron, Helena, Parker, Hayden, Oscar
Julep - Leah, Emilie, Diane, Megan, Alfre, Elizabeth, Taylor, Anne
Julep - Basecoat, Fast Dry Topcoat
Soulstice - Odessa, CND - Eclectic Purple, Ice Blue Shimmer
Orly - Au Champagne, Shining Star, Rage, Ingenue, Oui
Le Chateau, Mind's Eye, Red Carpet, Ma Cherie, Crush On You,, Bubbly Bombshell
Revlon Just Tinted - Desire, Dawn, Mystical, Victorian
Revlon - Aloof, Catty, Innocent, Punk, Downtown, Princess, Girly, Fierce
Revlon - Grapefruit Fizz, Watermelon Fizz, Orange Fizz, Pineapple Fizz, Apple-tini Fizz, Colada Fizz, Mint Fizz, Grape Fizz
Revlon - Beach, Grape Icy, Apricot Pastry, Sugar Glaze, Sheer Seafoam, Whimsical, Chili, Cheers
Revlon - Silver Dollar, Golden Charm, Carbonite, Copper Penny, Saucy, Amber Ablaze, Cherry Crush
Revlon - Oh My Magenta, Cherries in the Snow, Tangerine, Alluring Amber, Sunshine Sparkle, Smoky Canvas, Hot For Chocolate, Devilish
Nicole by OPI - Mini 4-set, Nic's Sticks - Snow Time To Wait, Feeling Girly, Run Don't Walk, Silverella, Rainbow's End

Nicole by OPI - It's All About the Glam, Follow Me on Glitter, Come In From the Coal'd, Disco Dolls, It's Not Me, It's Blue
Nicole by OPI - Green Up You Act, Iceberg Lotus, You're S-teal the One, Kendall On The Katwalk, Listen To Your Momager!
Nicole by OPI - Wear Something Spar-Kylie, OMB!, Orna-ment for Eachother, BrrrBrrr Burgandy, One Big Happy Fame-ily, One Less Lonely Glitter
Sephora by OPI - Keep me on my Mistletoes, Rumba Romance

Funky Fingers - Sugar Plum Fairy, Power Chord, Power Play, Riot
Funky Fingers - Wild Child, Ectoplasmic, Erin, Curacao, 220 Volts
Claire's - Grape Popsicle, Galaxy, Gold Glitter, Red Carpet
Claire's - Purple Blacklight, Blue Blacklight, Green Magnetic, Silver Magnetic, Calm/Wild Mood Change Polish, Pink Metallic Spoiled Rotten, Blue Metallic Spoiled Rotten
Hot Topic - Green Glow, Pink Glow, Warpaint Beauty - Purple Haze, Galaxy, Pin Up
Rue Beaute - Skull bottle Blue Creme, Strawberry Scented glitter pink
Black Poppy - 40, 46, 73, 73-pink, 60, 04-holo glitter, 04
Diamond Cosmetics - Snowflake Scandal, Glitter Opal, Dirty & Flirty, Serendipity, Cherry Blossom, I Love Iris
Diamond Cosmetics Glow In The Dark Glitters - Pink Flaminglo, Tangelglo, Gloworm Green, Blue Moonglo
Barielle - Stardust, Pink Diamond, Purple Hearts, Blackened Bleu, Jess' Champagne Toast
NYX Girls - Woman, Deep Space, Royal Purple, Sour Lime, Boho
NYX Girls - Shimmer, Dorothy, Under the Moon, Prismatic Gold
NYX - Crystal, Ice Glitter, Disco Inferno, Turquoise Glitter, Enchanted Forest, Manhattan, Peach Ave
Dr's Remedy - Hopeful Hot Pink, Revive Ruby Red, Defense Deep Red, Nurture Nude Pink, Tranquil Tangerine, Glee Gold, Bold Baby Blue
Misa - Wishing on a Star, Dying Love, It's You, Krystal Water
LA Splash - Midnight Sun, Rainbow Purple, Purple Heart, Glitz & Berry, Purple Jellyfish, Aqua Fusion, Blue Splash
Brash - Red Riot, All Bling, Sparkling Brick, Electric Sky, Metal Orchid
Unforgettable Moments - Sparkling Turquoise, Platinum, Ruby Ring, Nina Pro -  Glamrock, Unteal You
Best Nail Treatments - Snowflake, Freeze, Brick, Holiday Glitter, Stardust, Promiscuous
Mattese Elite - Seduction, Mysterious, Last Night, Intoxicating, Explosive Sensation
NY Summer - Alpha Jewel Glitter, Hollywood Night, Angel Dream, Ruby Kisses - Disco Diva, All Purpled Out, Baby Blue, Crazy Night Out
Savina - Blue Ice, Morning Glory
Nabi Magnetics - Pink Rose, Pink, Blueberry, Ocean Blue
Nabi - Metallic Black, Charcoal, Silver, Mazarine Matte, Metallic Emerald, Iris, Dark Green Glitter
Salon Perfect - Slate, Pumpkin, Olive, Blue Duchess, Purple Plum, Glowing Glimmer, Cracked Copper (crackle)
Petites - Rock n Roll, Hot Sauce, Blackberry, Midnight Frost, Utopia, Sapphire, Comet
Petites - Peach Blush, Raspberry Ice, Galaxy, 24k Gold, Zodiac
Petites - Daze, Virgo, Figi, Creme Blue, Electric Indigo
CQ - Pearls, Pink Candy, Idyllic, Mythical, Chameleon - Fandango
Avon - Powerful Pink, Omega Labs - Yellow Pearl, Nailtiques - Rio, Havana
Ulta Professional - Metallico Chrome mini Set
Ulta Professional - Denim Blues II mini Set
Ulta - Ghouls Best Friend mini Set
Ulta Pro - Happily Ever After, What a Maroon, Ulta - Love Fern, Baby Doll
Ulta - Chic Peek, Sunset Bronze, Grin and Berry It, Salsa, Ruby Slipper
Ulta - Scene Steel-er, Set The Nude, Fine Pruned, Sun-Sational
Ulta - Mint Condition, The Jungle Look, Limelight, Envy
Ulta - Bam-Blue-Zled, Blue Streak, Love My Blackberry, Alter-Ego, Celebutante
Cherimoya 2012 Crackle - Virgin, Revelation, Afterlife, Prayer, Eternity
Cherimoya - Matte-N-A -Oscar, Fairytale, Cherimoya - XTC, Red Gala
Loreal - Whimsical, Target Red, Coral Starfish, Jet Set to Paris, Paparazzi Pleaser
Stila Daring mini Set
Maybelline Color Show - Boho Gold, Pink Cosmo, Avante Green, Metal Icon
Maybelline Color Show - Twilight Rays, Tenacious Teal, Shocking Seas, Denim Dash, Styled Out, Blue Freeze
Maybelline Color Show - Chiffon Chic, Pinkalicious, Crushed Candy, Keep Up The Flame, Paint The Town, Iced Queen, Fuchsia Fever
Maybelline - Blue Brilliance, Be Scene In Green, Grand In Green, Notorious Navy

Maybelline - Posy Pink, Peachy Petal, Tulip Tango, Orchids Oh My!, Colorama - Peach Daquiri
NYC - Big City Dazzle, Fashion Ave. Fuchsia, Water Street Blue, Scene Stealer Gray, High Line Green
NYC - Bowery Black, Pumpkin, Timeless Tangerine, Gramercy Glitz
Milani - Raspberry Fusion, Green Glow, Pool Party, Breezy, Bolting Blue, Hipster Plum
Milani - Rapid Cherry, Jiffy Orange, Yellow Whiz, Gold Glitz, Purple Gleam, Gems
Milani - A Rose My Lady, Pink Slippers, Juno, U Pinky Swear, Pink and Proper
Milani - Signature Gold, Natural Touch, Teddy Brown, Morning Coffee
Prevail - Club Cutie, Central Spark, Fame, Coney Island Sweetheart, Fresh Paint - Olive You
elf - Moonlight, Twinkle, Golden Goddess, Cranberry, Metal Madness, Dark Navy
elf - Mod Mauve, Metallic Orange, Red Velvet, Light Red, Medium Red, Dark Red
elf - Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Metallic Blue, Metallic Magenta
Fresh Cover - Black Gold, Pinky Lacquer, Piggy Polish - Jingle Belle, Just Called To Sleigh Hello, Blaze - Starry Nights, Charged Cherry
Manic Panic - Hellfire, Blood Thirsty, Heavy Metal, Lex Cosmetics - Peabow, PritiNYC - Etoile Violet, Geisha Girl
Jordana - Celestial,  LA City Nights, Outer Space, Magenta Magic, Purple Party, Fairy Dust
Jordana - Galaxy, Blue Bash, Sequins, Good Luck Charm, Electric Blue
Spoiled - I tripped On The Carpet, Hit The Brakes, Breakfast In Red, Jail Bait
Spoiled - Your Fly's Down, Papa Paparazzi, Checkin' Into Rehab, Did I Dye It Too Blonde?
SinfulColors - Smoking Hot, Pinky Glitter, Frenzy, Hottie, Glass Pink, Let Me Go
SinfulColors - Fly Away, Aquamarine, Love Nails, Midnight Blue, Ciao Bella, Hot Spot
SinfulColors - Forget Now, Outrages, Amethyst, Let's Talk, I Love You, Secret Admirer
SinfulColors - Fusion Neon, Pink, Cream Pink, Oasis, Boom Boom, Shining Heart
SinfulColors - Dancing Nails, Sugar Sugar, Cross My Heart, Ruby Ruby, Georgio
SinfulColors - Neon Melon, Summer Peach, Citrine, Courtney Orange, Tapping Nails
Open Seas, Happy Ending, Irish Green, San Francisco, Last Chance
elf - Metallic Neon Trio Set
Icing - Chrome Pewter, Chrome Copper, Chrome Light Green, Chrome Navy, Chrome Light Purple
Icing - Miami Neon, Power to the Pink, Hit the Lights, Old School Rave, Citrus Glitzorama, Vegas Nightlife, Glow Me
Icing - Afterparty, Frost Yourself, Pop A Bottle, Gimmie Some Glitter, Red-y Or Not Here I Am
Icing - Glitz  and Glamour, I heart Party, Lemme See Your Peacock, Wear While, Glitz and Glam, Teal Me I'm Awesome
Icing - Riviera Romance, Electric Feeling, Blue 4 U, 7th Inning, Purple VooDoo, Orchid, Forget You
Icing - Moonstruck, Kiss Me Berry, Burning Sunset, Falling For You, Mulled Apple Cider, Gold Magnetic
Icing Mini - Exotic Enlightenment, Silver Spray Paint, Silver Skis, Blue Caribbean, Chakra Blue, I Love Big Hair, Exotic Orchid
Icing Mini - Twinkle Stars, Suntan Lotion, Lime Martini, Glowworm, Laser Light Show, Green Mint Mojito, Tropical Bird
Icing Mini - Hot Date, Ultimate Nirvana, Tag Me Pink, Hot & Spicy, Flamingo Dancer, Houston Heat
Icing Mini - Gleam & Glow, I Can Hold 'Em, Strawberry Daquiri, Peach Sangria, Lamplight, Purple Passion
Golden Rose - 110, 109, 34, 22, 07
Golden Rose - 158, 166, 149, 161, 318
HITS - Jazz, Daring, Bloom - Prague, Mode - Rock Me Sweet, Ozotic - 528, Glitter Gal - Enchanted
Gabrini - 405, 402, MNY - 673, Gosh - Orange Drops, Bella Oggi - 15, 14

Model's Own - Pastel Pink, Fuzzy Peach, Feeling Blue, Lilac Dream
Model's Own - Sterling Silver, Tickled Pink, Green Flash, Mystic Mauve
Catrice - White & Seek, Pimp My Shrimp, Salmon & Garfunkel, Welcome to Rosywood, King Of Greens, Blue Cara Ciao
POP Beauty - Ultra Violet, Turquoise, Lavender Glitz, Violet Glitz, Pink Glitz, Xmas, Gold Glitz
Essence - You're a Goldmine, Spicy, Trendsetter, Style Me Holo
Essence - Icy Princess, Space Queen, You Belong to Me, Wanna Be Your Sunshine, Let's Get Lost, Ultimate Pink, Glamorous Life, Where is the Party?, Underwater, In Style, Date With The Night
Wet N Wild - Lust, Glitz, Inferno, Rustic, Jade, Nocturnal
Wet n Wild - Candylicious, I Need A Refresh-mint, On a Trip, Tropicalia, Club Havana, Disturbia
Wet N Wild - Party of 5 Glitters, Silvivor, Grey's Anatomy, Hannah Pinktana, Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire

Wet n Wild - Ink Well, How I Met Your Magenta, Jungle Fever, Sagreena The Teenage Witch, Saved by the Blue, Buffy the Violet Slayer
Wet n Wild - Frech White, Hallucinate, Kaleidoscope, Metallica, Sparked, Mauve Frost
Wet n Wild - Frosted Fuchsia, Casting Call, Red Red, Jezebel, Blazed, Straight A Jesse
Wet n Wild - Rain Check, Bijou Blue, Blue Moon, Wild Card, Eggplant Frost, Night Prowl