Saturday, July 30, 2011

Holographic Sparktacular Mani

I have a love/only-kinda-like relationship with the mani I am about to show you guys.  This mani's proper place is in the sunlight.  Since I can't bring the sunlight with me wherever I go, it only look OK to me instead of FREAKING AMAZING.  Which is sad.

The colors are Nubar Reclaim and $OPI (Sephora by OPI) Sparktacular Top Coat.

First, the all its glory:

See that holographic beauty??  Plus the glitzy bling on the ring finger!
But then, if you go in the shade it looks more like this:

Or like this when you go inside:

So anticlimactic...still pretty, but no WOW factor like in the sun.  It makes me a little bored when I am inside or in the shade. *Sigh*

I will have to do a swatch post for Reclaim because it totally deserves its own post.  Formula-wise, color-wise, just everything is WIN for this polish.  If it came with a portable sun to shine on it while you're wearing it, then it would be totally perfect! lol

Let me leave you with a little more eye candy:

Sparktacular Top Coat Close-up

so pretty!


  1. WOW! Those pictures have me in awe. The colors are amazing and I love your accent finger!


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