Monday, July 18, 2011

NY Trip Polish Haul!

Just a quick post to show my recent haul from my visit to NY!

This post is pic-heavy because, well...I went a bit crazy since I was in stores I don't usually get to go into, lol.  I definitely will be on a buying-freeze for a while after this trip!

Just pics for now, I'll go into more detail on the polishes shown when I get a chance to make some swatches and try them all out!

First are a few polishes from the new "Brash" cosmetics line at Payless shoes.  The pictures do not do the colors justice at all.  Hopefully when I swatch them I can get some better pics for you, can't wait to try them out!

 Next are a few NK polishes found in a beauty supply store.  These were very inexpensive so I decided to pick a few to try. 

These next polishes were also found in a beauty supply store and were also very inexpensive.  They are apparently from a NYC company and there is virtually no information about them at all on the internet!  How strange is that?!  I was trying to find if they had names for the colors because the stickers on the bottles are a bit confusing!

A few Essie polishes snagged for very good prices in the beauty supply store.

Crackle polishes from a brand I'd never seen before, also found in beauty supply store.  They were only a few dollars each so I grabbed these great colors that were very different from the usual crackle colors I see from the major brands.  Hopefully they won't disappoint.

More beauty supply store finds, I rarely see LA Colors around here so I picked up a few to try.

These Mattese Elite glittery polishes look amazing to me.  I got them in Ricky's NYC.  I love that store but I wish their prices were lower!

A few polishes from The Icing that I have not seen in any of the Icing stores around here.

A glitter and a glow polish from Hot Topic. Nothing special here that I couldn't have bought where I live but I never usually go into Hot Topic.

...last but certainly not least, Pacific Sunwear had these pretty polishes which I am excited to try out.  The picture really doesn't do them justice at all!  They are way brighter in person, I probably should have used a flash!

I can't wait to try out all these new polishes and show you guys how they look swatched!  If there are any in particular you want to see first, let me know in the comments!


  1. Oooh, I really like the two from hot topic (which we don't have here in Canada XD). I would love glow in the dark :D

    (This is Mandi btw! I am a polish-aholic too XD)

  2. @Mandi - wow I didn't know they didn't have Hot Topic in Canada! You need to come to the US and visit one! I mean it's not the best store ever but it's cool to at least go to once lol. Plus the polishes are neat, they had a few other glow ones I didn't get cause I want to see how the green one is first. Maybe I'll throw a Hot Topic polish in the prize when I have my 25 follower giveaway :)


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