Thursday, August 4, 2011

China Glaze: Good Witch?

Don't have much time today so I have a quick swatch post for you guys.

This is the polish swatch I meant to post yesterday, in an attempt to participate in the Pink Wednesdays.  I am not much a pink wearer, and I thought if I tried to participate sometimes, that I'd at least have a reason to go through a lot of my untried pink polishes. 

Well yesterday was so hectic that I was wayyy too tired to paint my nails after I got off work.  So here is China Glaze Good Witch? as a belated pink Wednesday.

Outdoor, sun 
Indoor, under light 

Outdoor, shade

Outdoor, shade
I think Good Witch? is a pretty color, but I think it definitely needs something.  I would not wear this in a mani by itself.  The formula was a bit thick to work with for me, but not too bad.  It's just a nice frosty shimmery pink. 

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