Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Duri - Kingdom of Shadows

First of all I need to apologize in advance for a few things.  Firstly, the lack of consistent blogging lately.  I have been super busy with guests and such and had hoped to have more guest blogs lined up but wound up getting only a few, and just didn't have much time for getting pics ready for quality blog posts, hopefully now I am back on track and am a little ahead of the game for next week when I go away for the weekend!

Secondly, the pictures in this post aren't going to be as good as my usual ones because I was without my camera for a few days.  It accidentally got taken home by my sister when she was visiting for the weekend so I only had my cell phone camera to capture the pictures for this blog.  I do have my camera back now (thanks to FedEx overnight delivery) and so future blog pics will be back to normal quality.

Now, onto the good stuff!  This Duri polish is my first of this brand.  I obtained it in a swap with the Angela, of thumbnails & polish.   I am told it's an exact dupe of Orly's Galaxy Girl, but I don't own this polish to compare them.  From the swatches I've seen online, I believe it definitely is a dupe.  I seriously love the name "Kingdom of Shadows"!

As you can (hopefully) see, Kingdom of Shadows is a Purple/blue/red toned brown duochrome polish, and it's absolutely gorgeous!  These pictures are two coats of polish with no top coat.  I love the sparkle!  I would have loved to get some pictures of this in the sun, but it was night when I made the swatches. 

As far as technical stuff, the formula for this polish was really easy to work with and I absolutely loved the brush.  It really makes me want more colors by Duri!  If you don't already have the Orly dupe for this color, I'd say definitely try to snag this!


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