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Guest Blog: How to Make A Wedding Centerpiece

The following post was submitted to me by George Stamas, it isn't nail polish related but it's a how-to for one of the hobbies he enjoys: Flower arrangement. Regular nail polish blogs will be back very soon, and I have some amazing stuff to share with you guys! Meanwhile I've been having a blast with my niece and nephew but they are tiring me out!

Ok, enjoy George's blog post!
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Today I am going to show you how to make a very simple “Wedding Centerpiece,” (which can be used as a house party gift, gift for the bridal party, shower, etc.) Please Note: For your convenience a complete list of materials is shown at the very end of this article.) We want to lay out the materials we have available: stacks of different colored flowers, bag of Spanish Moss, foam block, bird’s nest, container for Centerpiece itself, (I used a copper type plate that will go with our arrangement nicely).

We separate all of these on our workspace so they can be easily chosen and used. 

Make sure if you use fresh flowers that they are cut diagonally before using them. This allows more water to enter the flower’s head than cutting straight across.

Since I want to have a low centerpiece I cut off about one inch of the floral “foam” block. I could have used a glass tray and pebbles but I choose to use a brass/copper plate as my base for the floral foam block to sit.

Make sure the floral foam block is evenly submerged before using it. A dry foam block is easily broken.
Next, we start to add our flowers. This can be done by individual preference. Since I know they will be a bird’s next and three Star Gazer Lillies (which are generally larger and require positioning I start there).
This picture shows many flowers in place and using color as a guide to make the flowers, “come alive.”
I start with one flower making puntures and go to the next, spacing them using my diagram. Make sure the height of your arrangement is sufficent enough to hold my flowers in place.

I also used fresh cut flowers: roses, different color daisies, carnations using the colors reflected by the flowers and red and white spacing.

Detailing of the bird’s nest and peacock

Don’t be afraid to lift the arrangement up in the air, (making sure the floral design is not over watered;) or look across the table and see if you view is not obstructed by the arrangement.

Don’t be afraid to lift the arangement up in the air, (making sure the floral design is not over watered;) or look across the table and see if you view is not obstructed by the arangement.

Finished Product!

List of Materials:
  • Foam block, they usually come four to a pkg.
  • Plate for foam block
  • Spanish Moss, one bag.
  • Stem of at least three star gazer lillies
  • 1 Stem of roses, pink.
  • Stems of carnations, (I used purple to mix up the color scheme)
  • Stems of leather leaf (greens)
  • Stems of Daisies different colors, (I used yellow and white)
  • Vines of English Ivy (optional)
  • 1 bird’s nest
  • Peacock, bird (I used the peacock because of the colorful peacock feather, any type small bird would suffice or not bird at all.
Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with the flowers, if it doesn’t look right, change it, usually the first choice is best. Good luck and have fun with the next floral design you create.
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Thank you George for providing me a blog to post today.  I hope you all enjoyed checking this out.

Sneak Peek of the mani for my next Nail blog:


  1. Very pretty George, nice to remember not to make it too tall so that people can see each other. Nice to see a little variety on a blog!

  2. Hey Jeanie that's the first thing they told us to respect the other guests and not have them talk over or around the centerpiece, LOL Thanks for noticing.


    George :)

  3. this is really pretty George! Erika I hope you are having fun lol

    shel xx


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