Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lovely Franken-Polish!

My friend from a group I belong to was nice enough to send me a few "franken" polishes she made!  If you don't know what a frankenpolish is, it's basically a polish made from other polishes or from some polish with your own added glitters or pigments.

The color I am showing you today is a light blue with some shimmer in it that's super pretty.  Unfortunately my camera did not capture the true beauty of this polish but believe me, it's amazing! Plus it applied soooo nicely!

Here are the pictures:

It's so creamy and pretty!  Thank you so much Angela!

By the way, you should totally check out her blog too!  It's called Thumbnails & Polish and it's awesome!  She does some amazing nail art that's very different from stuff I see on other blogs.


  1. This looks amazing on you!! Too bad that green flash in it doesn't show up to well in pictures. I'm so happy you like it. Thanks again for the wonderful pigments to make it with!

  2. Love the color and shimmer of your pictures, and your nails love the shape of them and how they look so beautiful and amazing. This color really accents your gorgeous nails Erika.


    George :)

  3. This polish really looks great on your nails.

  4. I can see the shimmer in some parts!!!! Too bad about the camera not picking it up.


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