Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sally Hansen: Brisk Blue

Just a quick swatch post for today, it's the base color I decided to use for my weekend mani, Sally Hansen's Brisk Blue.  As the name gives away, it's from their line of InstaDri fast drying polishes.

I really like the InstaDri polishes in general, but I have to say that the brush is hard for me to work with, it always feels so large to me and it collects a lot of polish and seems to flood my cuticles no matter how little polish I keep on the brush, but everyone is different, so you may not have this issue that I had.  I love the colors anyway so I don't let my dislike for the brushes keep me away from them.

Here are the swatches, indoor only this time as it was dark out by the time I did these nails, sorry.

These pictures are two coats of Brisk Blue with Seche Vite top coat.

This blue is just so pretty and creamy.  The formula is very good too, even with the brush issues, it wasn't too hard to coat my nails evenly.  Even as a fast drying polish, it didn't start drying before I could get nice even coats on as some fast drying polish formulas tend to.

Using this color reminded me of how much I really like the InstaDri polishes, I will have to try and swatch more of them soon!


  1. I am lovin the blues lately! Generally, I tend to stay away from quick drying polish due to poor quality. Looks like it's time to give SH's InstaDri a shot - they have great colors! Thanks!

  2. I love, love blue polishes! This one is awesome.


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