Tuesday, August 9, 2011

U Concrete Me

I recently received this Barielle polish in a swap.  It's a Barielle Shades polish called U-Concrete-Me.  As soon as I saw the polish bottle I had high hopes for a nice creamy/smooth/shiny grey color...and I was not disappointed!

I really love this polish!  The formula was really great to work with, it stayed where I put it...no random cuticle floods or anything.  The pictures are two coats of U-Concrete-Me with Seche Vite.


  1. That looks really pretty! I just bought my first Barielle polishes and am waiting for them to arrive. I only ordered two, but I wish I would have gotten this one, too! lol.

  2. Wow!! Barielle polishes looks so pretty, I wish I had some.

  3. Yeah the barielle polishes really are amazing! I will swatch more of them soon :)


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