Friday, September 23, 2011

It's a Franken kind of Friday!

Some of my nail blog buddies have been sending me frankens recently, so today I thought I would showcase two of them to start off with!  I just wanted a quick and casual post today because I am feeling a little lazier than usual ;)

First up is a franken made by Destany, who runs Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom.  If you haven't checked out her blog, you totally need to!  It's awesome and fun.  She's been doing "theme" weeks lately and next week she is doing DUPE WEEK!  That should be interesting!

Her franken has been dubbed "Panic Under Pressure".

I really like the look of this franken.  The shade is perfect for fall and especially will work well with Halloween manis! I love that the subtle pink shimmers give it a really cool fleck-finish!  This was 2 coats of her creation.  Thank you so much for sharing this polish with me Destany!

The other franken I want to share today is made by The Nailaholic's Katie!  You should really check out her blog as well!  Seriously, just go (but go after you finish reading my blog, okay? :) ).

All the frankens I have from Katie have themes based on the Harry Potter series.  She sent me a few this time that she hadn't named yet so I picked the name "Basilisk" for this one because it really reminds me of something reptilian!

This polish is all about the glitter!  Look at all of that sparkle!  This is 2 coats of the franken.  I love how it gives off quick glints of different colors when the light hits it different ways but when you look at it straight on it basically looks all sorts of green.  It's so fun and another polish that will be great for Halloween!  Thanks Katie!


  1. Thanks Erika! I want to get more glitter so I can make me one too! It looks INCREDIBLE on you!

  2. great post - i really enjoy seeing the spotlight on the amazing frankens that have been created by fellow polish lovers! thanks for sharing these :)

  3. I love Destany's Franken!! I wonder if she'll do a swap with me!! lol

  4. Destany's polish is a beauty, but I have to admit to going "whoa" when I saw Katie's creation! That is SO cool and unusual. I like the name you picked out too!

  5. Looks incredibly hard to take off!

  6. I LOVE, LOVE the second one from Katie!


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