Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prevail: Concrete Jungle...Hello Holo!!

When I found out that Duane Reade Drugstores in NYC had their own line of nail polish, called Prevail, I was very intrigued.  When I found out Prevail had a HOLO polish in their line, I HAD to have it!  Luckily my family still lives in NYC (I moved to NH from there about 5 years ago) and I was able to talk my father into finding me this polish!

Behold...Concrete Jungle!  I was only sad I wasn't able to swatch this in the sun because the day I decided to try it wound up being a dud of a day :(  I will have to revisit this lovely polish one when I am able to get pictures of it in all of it's holographic gorgeousness!

and different lighting...

I really love this polish, though it's a bit light for my skin tone when worn on its own (I stamped over it and that post will be tomorrow!).

I really am interested in seeing the other color options Prevail has to offer, which I will do when I make my next trip down to NY to visit my friends and family!  If there are any other gems to be found in their line I will be sure to snag some and share them with you all.

What do you think of this holo polish?  Or about holos in general?



  1. I like this and I love holos. I dont have many, I need to get more!

  2. GREAT!!
    even if there is no sun, you can still see the gorgeous holo in it!!

  3. Lovely! I am super keen to get some holo colours, esp since we're going into summer here!

  4. This is fantastic! I haven't tried any of the Prevail polishes yet, but will keep my eye out for this one :)

  5. @GothamPolish: You totally need to! I am hoping to pick up a few more prevail colors when I visit my fam in NYC in october! :)

  6. I got this today. mmmmm .. I also got Central Spark. It's SO pretty!! It looks a bit like Space Cadet but, a little darker maybe.


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