Thursday, October 13, 2011

Franken for Sale!

Hey guys!  Today I am offering a franken I've made recently and fell in love with.  I can't tell you the name of it just yet cause it's a surprise that a friend of mine is finding out very soon.  But I wanted to share a few pictures of it and see if anyone would be interested in purchasing a small (5mL) bottle of it from me!

The picture is as follows:  Index: 2 coats alone.  Middle: 1 coat over black.  Ring: 1 coat over red. Pinkie: 1 coat over purple

I loveeee this color so much!

Close up of the bottle.  Glittery goodness!

If you are interested in this polish, it is $5 shipped (USA) and slightly more for international (I'd have to calculate it on a case by case basis).  If you want it, click here to email me ASAP, supplies are limited!

Do you like this franken polish? Do you make frankens?


  1. wow! I love that color. I really like red nail polishes which are not bright, I prefer those that are darkish deep red that's why I love Elianto's grapewine!

  2. can't wait to get mine!! I really want to learn how to franken!!


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