Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

It's Halloween!  Around my neck of the woods it hasn't felt very Halloweenish because we actually had a bad SNOW storm on Saturday and it actually caused almost my whole town to lose power.  Now it's Monday and my house still doesn't have power...which sucks!

Luckily I took the pics for my Halloween mani on Saturday before going to a Halloween party (and before the power went out), AND also luckily am able to post this blog because my boyfriend's sister/brother-in-law's house DOES have power and they took us in last night. 

SO I have a pretty cool mani to share today!

In black lighting

Glow in the Dark!

More glow in the dark!

I love this orangey goo/drippy mani!  And I double love that it looks so cool in the dark!

I used NYX Black Matte, Glow in the Dark Orange Pumpkin Polish, and Wet N Wild Black Creme for this look.  I drew the goo/drips with a medium sized dotting tool.  

What do you think of this look?  Do you have any cool things going on for this Halloween?

PS: Please send some lucky vibes my way for the power to come back on at my house before the day is out!!


  1. Love it Erika! It's so cool- especially under the black light!

    Hoping you guys get power soon!

  2. Totally digging this mani under the black light! That's so cool =) I hope your power returns soon hun. Stay warm, xo!

  3. I think it's great to see a glow in the dark-nail polish that isn't green.

    Cool mani indeed.

    Fingers crossed for power to come back very soon! :)

  4. Love the glow in the dark! You did these so well, that in the dark they look awesome!

  5. that is wicked awesome!

  6. So fun, well played!!! Hope you have a spooky good Halloweeny :)


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