Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Colors by NK!

Not long ago I posted some awesome colors by Nicka K New York, and today I have some more for you to enjoy!  These are new for the Fall/Winter and are gorgeous!  They are all great on their own or as "underwear" for festive glitters and shimmers!

Grape Purple
 Grape Purple is a deep purple creme polish.  Just 2 coats for the picture above.  This is such a rich shade!

Muddy Purple
Muddy Purple is a neutral grayish purple creme.  In the bottle I didn't think I'd like this one very much, but after painting on 2 coats I really liked the look on the nail. 

Red Orange
Red Orange is, as the name suggests, a reddish orange creme.  I really like this color a lot! The pictures picked up some VNL with 2 coats but that was not visible at all in person.  It's an all-around great color for any time of the year!

Grin is definitely my favorite of the bunch!  I don't really have any greens like this in my collection.  Another 2-coater that's rich and creamy.  Love!

Turquoise is a sheer icy blue shimmer.  I did 3 coats to get the pictured opacity.  I love this shade, it reminds me of ice!  Since the first coat is pretty sheer I imagine this would be great for layering over other colors for new shimmery looks.

Since I felt that many of these colors would be great bases for glittery/shimmery holiday looks, I decided to do a little experimenting, and the following picture shows what I came up with:

In the picture above, left to right: Grape Purple with a thin layer of Turquoise and Mardi Gras (another NK shade which I will swatch in a future post) sponged onto the tip.  Muddy Purple with a layer of Mardi Gras and some subtle Turquoise "drips".  Finally, Grin with dot of Turquoise, Mardi Gras, and Red Gems (swatched in previous NK post).  I was really happy with these results and can't wait to try out more combinations!

If you are looking to pick up any of these colors, the Fall 25% off Promotion is still going on for another week!

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  1. Grin and Turquoise are my favorites! Turquoise really does look like ice! :D I love the added sparkle and layerings (of course!)! <3

  2. I like the colors. Th grin is my favorite!

  3. The turquoise is by fare my favorite! It looks a little duochrome in this picture

  4. The first one is great! So dark and rich! Such a great collection...


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