Friday, November 18, 2011

Nars Purple Rain

TGIF!  In honor of the weekend starting, I have an amazing NARS polish (which also happens to be my only NARS polish!)...Purple Rain!

I wish I had gotten even more pics of this beauty.  I love it so much!  I picked it up at the Sephora in Times Square when I was in NYC a few months ago.  The price on these is a little steep but once I saw it I HAD to have it!

The formula on this was fantastic, which I'd expected in such a high-end brand.  It applied so flawlessly.  I need more of these, I'm hooked!

Do you own any NARS polishes?   Have any great weekend plans? 


  1. never tried NARS polishes but yeah, it's gorgeous!

  2. This color is so pretty...may just have to try me some Nars.

  3. I haven't got any NARS yet. The price has stopped me from buying them so far, but perhaps one day...

  4. This polish is so pretty!

  5. This is my favorite NARS too! Ahhh, Purple Rain. Such a beauty. I also have Mash, Zulu, and Pokerface. If applied with care Mash can look really beautiful. It has these tiny sparkles in the golden shimmer, so pretty! Zulu. Oh man, I feel like I am about to speak words of blasphemy but I prefer vampy green jellys that look like vampy green jellys (not black!). Island Girl Oahu Paradise and Illamasqua Rampage are so much better than Zulu. Sorry, Zulu. :/ Pokerface is pretty much Confetti Belle of the Ball with hidden shimmer. Pretty but not worthy of the price tag.


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