Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soulstice Fall Collection + Giveaway!!

Hey guys!  I am so excited with what I have for you today!  A few months ago you may remember this review that I did of a few shades of Soulstice Nail Colour.  I loved the polishes so much that I was psyched when they contacted me to review their new (and gorgeous!) fall line!

But that's not all!  They've also offered a prize to one lucky follower of this blog to win their own set of the colors I am about to show you! (US & Canada residents only).  How awesome and generous is that?!

If you aren't already familiar with Soulstice, their polishes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, made in the United States, non-toxic, and Big-3-Free (toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate).

Soulstice Nail Colour - Fall 2011 Shades!

 South Beach

 South Beach is described as "Sheer white, sleek and modern." This is a simple white but it's unique in that you can apply less coats to just have a sheer but clean look, or you can build it up in just 3 thin coats and it looks so silky on the nail.  I really liked the formula of this white, it was very different from other whites I have.  It's not really great for my skin tone, but not nearly as bad a fit as other white polishes I have tried have looked against my fair tone.  I had no application issues at all, which I usually do with white polishes.


Telluride is an "Ethereal, crisp light green shine." This color is a super pretty, frost type green shade.  I used 3 thin coats for the above swatch but I could have done 2 slightly thicker coats to achieve opacity.  The formula, once again was excellent.  You have to love a nail polish that goes on without requiring the touch-up brush every other stroke.  

Dublin is "A deep gem emerald green." This color is gorgeous!  In my vast collection of polishes I don't think I have anything close to this beauty.  Opaque in 1 coat (but I applied 2 anyway) and perfect formula.  The shine on the nail is just amazing!  Love this color, one of my favorites from the collection without a doubt.

 Ibiza is simply "Hot pink shine."! I totally agree with that description!  I also am going to admit something I don't very often, and that is: I love this pink!  There are few pinks in my collection that I really love, it's usually not my color at all.  This is super pretty and super shiny!  In my top-3 favorites of the collection!

LA layered over South Beach
LA is...Glitter! "Stars & sparkle; glitter dust." I love glitter so I knew this was likely going to be my favorite polish in this collection...and I was right!  I might have a plethora of multi-colored glitters in my collection but you can never have too many!  This one is actually unique too, which is awesome!  It's differently sized and colored glitters in a clear jelly base.  The base is a little thick but I liked it that made it easy for me to spread the glitter around the nail just how I wanted it to look.  

 Since it's a layering polish, I decided to see how it looked over all the other colors in this collection:
LA layered over Ibiza
LA layered over Telluride
LA layered over Dublin
I think my favorite combos are Ibiza and Dublin!  So festive looking!  Love, Love, LOVE!

Products provided by company for review consideration

So what do you guys think of these amazing colors?!  If you love them as much as I do, here's your chance to take home a set of them for yourself!

One lucky reader will win these five polishes!


  1. I've never heard of these.. they're pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  2. Dublin and Telluride are amazing,
    too bad that only USA in Canada residents can participate

  3. Trying to get pregnant and would LOVE to try these polishes so I can still wear polish while preggo!!

  4. These colours are gorgeous! I am really intrigued by the white and the rainbow glitter :D Thanks, Erika!

  5. These look amazing. I would love to win.

    Adriannasmommy26 at yahoo dot com

  6. Such pretty colors! Never saw them before but I love 'em!

  7. These are so fun looking! and festive! Thanks for the chance to win!!


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