Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Absolute! Metallic Crackles by NK

Hey guys!  Today I have a few shatter polishes to share with you.  These are the Absolute Metallic shatters by Nicka K New York, whose products I've featured in the past, and have loved!
Blue Crackle over NK Noir
I layered A! Blue Crackle over NK Noir, which is a basic black creme.  This shatter worked great and I liked the color combo, you really can't go wrong layering these over black.  The formula was nice too, not thick and hard to work with like other metallic crackling polishes I have used in the past.
Grey Crackle over NK Blue Sapphire

I decided to try the A! Grey Crackle polish over NK Blue Sapphire, which I have previously swatched on my blog.  I really liked this combo too.  It looks very icy and wintery.  This worked just as well as the blue one, so no complaints here.

Pink Crackle over NK Red Gems
Finally, I have layered the A! Pink Crackle over NK Red Gems, which I have also previously swatched.  This combo was more subtle than the others, and this was probably my least favorite of the bunch, but not really because of the polish, more because I am still not a huge fan of light pink in general...I am trying to learn and embrace it but so far it hasn't caught on with me.  That's a personal preference though, so if you like pink, and crackle effect, then this polish would be perfect for you.

All in all I think that these crackle metallics are very good quality and work as they are supposed to.  If you are still into the crackle look, then I definitely suggest picking up some of these.  They have a great formula and a nice selection of colors to choose from, and the price is right at only $5.99 each.

If you shop before January 3rd there's a promotion going on: 25% off with code  HOLIDAY and a *free gift for purchases over $25 (*post discount/excluding shipping)

Useful links:
Nicka K New York Website
Nicka Shop
Nicka NY Facebook Page 

*products provided for my review consideration


  1. I love the colors you used for the crackles!

  2. Tagged you for some awards, love! :) http://thenailaholic.blogspot.com/2011/12/blog-awards.html


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