Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blaze Color Changing Nail Polish

Hey everyone!  Today I have some color changing nail polish to share with you.  It is two colors by Blaze.

Blaze nail polish uses Solar Active technology to make the polish shift colors when exposed to the sun/UV rays.  Blaze Nail polish is also 3-Free, which is always a good thing!

Bottles:  Starry Nights/Eternal Flame and Charged Cherry/Plum Rapture
Charged Cherry to Plum Rapture
The Charged Cherry/Plum Rapture color was a bit sheer to apply and needed 3 to 4 coats if you wanted the Charged Cherry (indoor) color to appear opaque.  When I went outside the shift happened almost immediately, as it was a very sunny day.  I really loved Plum Rapture way more than Charged Cherry, so I'd definitely want to wear this polish on a day I planned to be outside a lot.  Both colors are very pretty though, and the color shift worked very well.

Starry Nights to Eternal Flame
The Starry Nights/Eternal flame color really had me excited, as I adore glitter polishes (as you all know!).  It was easier to apply than the prior color, I only needed 2 coats for my desired opacity.  This one starts off as a silvery grey glitter and then transforms into a plum/maroon hued glitter when outside.  Once again the shift happened right away and became the color I expected it to. In this color set I prefer the indoor color over the outdoor color, but again both are really nice!  It's so sparkly no matter which color it is, so I was happy.

So all in all, my experience with Blaze nail polish was a good one, though overall I am unsure on my opinion on color change polish in general.  I love the idea of it, but since so far I have preferred one shade from each bottle over the other shade, I wonder if there will be some that I am totally in love with both color shifts, so I won't give up on them just yet!

If you are interested in color changing nail color, you should definitely check out Blaze's website and facebook page for more information.

By the way, they have Triple Holiday Sale going on right now ...  10% off ... buy 3 get base/top coat free ... orders $50 and over free shipping in the USA.

*products provided for my review consideration


  1. Color changing polish is probably a no go in my book too, but I do like the glitter polish

  2. That's interesting. I just checked their website, and some of the polishes have a huge colour shift. I'm impressed.

  3. These are actually some of the best color change polish seen! I mean the color is changes too. it doesn't just go to white or white-ish shade of what it was. Plus they are pretty!

  4. This reminds me... I have one of these I still haven't tried. I like both of these on you!!

  5. They are gorgeous.That's crazy,color shifting nail polishes.

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  7. Interesting concept and the colors works really well together


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