Thursday, December 1, 2011

CND Colour and Effects Fall/Winter 2011

Hey Guys, today I have CND's Fall/Winter 2011 "THE LOOK" set to show you.

The set consists of 2 Colours and 1 Effects polish.  The colours are Midnight Sapphire and Dark Amethyst.  The Effects polish is 24k Sparkle.

Dark Amethyst
Dark Amethyst is a deep plum color, and is very shiny.  It's very opaque and covered nicely in 1 coat.  The formula was perfect and I had no application issues at all.

Midnight Sapphire
This deep blue creme is Midnight Sapphire.  It's also opaque in 1 coat and had the same great formula as the previous colour.  Super shiny!

These two colours are gorgeous but not all that unique on their own, which is why we add the 24k Sparkle gold topcoat to really make them stand out!  Here are both colours with the top coat:

Dark Amethyst with 24k Sparkle
Midnight Sapphire with 24k Sparkle
Here's a bottle shot of the 24k Sparkle

The top coat is clear base with tons of gold flakes throughout.  It is am amazing topper for all sorts of colours to create different looks.  I loved that the formula was easy to work with and wasn't goopy at all, as some polishes like these can be at times.

Overall I would highly recommend these polishes! I loved them all.

You can get more information about CND and these polishes via the following links:

CND Website
CND on Facebook

product sent to me for review consideration


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I am in love with CND polishes - the cremes are so opaque and shiny, and the effects are amazing (with the exception of that Anna one)! I think my favorite of the two colors is Midnight Sapphire, but they're both pretty =)

  2. I have this set and just love the colors in it!! SO pretty!

  3. I'm planning on placing my first CND order and must include DA.. so gorgeous!

  4. I have these and I was very impressed with them! Beautiful polishes..

  5. CND has the best formula! That gorgeous topper is definitely the star though, wow! :D


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