Thursday, December 22, 2011

Zoya Feel Collection

Yes...a little more Zoya for you guys, but Zoya is awesome so I hope you don't mind!

I have the latest Zoya Collection to share with you all, the Feel Collection.  This is a collection of cremes that are described as "Winter Neutrals".  All shades only needed 2 coats for opacity, so that is what you see pictured.

I didn't expect to like many of these colors when I first saw the press release for the set, but some of them intrigued me, and I actually found a few of these really grew on me...while others definitely don't do much for me personally.


Avery is described as "a full coverage, blond-beige cream".  If you know my blog by now, you'll know I am definitely not a fan of this color at all.  I am really turned off by the "nude" polish look, and this one practically blends in to my skin tone.  Formula wise it was great, and I am sure there are other skin tones that this color would compliment more than mine.

Carey is described as "a periwinkle gray"   I actually like this one a lot.  I have really been growing a liking for gray shades, so I welcome another to my collection. 

Kendal is described as "a lavender, beige cream nail polish shade."  This is another one that I didn't expect to really like at all  but grew on me after I saw what she looked like on the nail.  I'd likely spice her up with some layering of glitter or stamping, but she is a very nice canvas for lots of ideas I have.

Kennedy is best described as "a full coverage, pale, french beige cream."  I can honestly say this is my least favorite of the bunch.  It blends into my skin tone more than Avery does and it looks like I have mannequin hands!  Some people like this look so this polish will be perfect for them.

Megan is best described as " a full coverage, taupe gray cream."  Megan appears to me to have some purple tones in her as well, though it is described as a gray.  I like this one and I think I can use it as  a base in many future manis.

Kristen is best decribed as "a gull gray nail polish with a mild bluish hue."  This is definitely my favorite of the Feel collection!   This is such a pretty pastel gray-blue.  The bottle I got is a little off, as you can see in my hand there is a glass bubble or something defective about the bottle, but it doesn't affect the polish at all and I love this polish, so no complaints here!

All in all this collection wasn't my favorite Zoya collection, but there were a few colors in there that I like a lot, and one that I absolutely love, so I'd say that's enough for me.  As far as quality, it doesn't disappoint at all, even the colors I personally don't care for have that perfect Zoya formula I love so much.  If you are a fan of adding neutral polishes to your stash, you definitely need to snag some of these!

For more info about this collection, and other Zoya products, refer to the following links:
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What do you think of the Feel Collection?  Which is your favorite?

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