Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zoya Smoke Collection

Ok I've waited long enough to get these swatches up for you guys, it's the Fall 2011 Zoya collection, the half of them I am showing today is the Smoke colors, which are cremes.
Jana is described as "A medium nude putty creme with grey, mauve and purple tones".  This color honestly doesn't do much for me personally.  It's very neutral and would be good for someone looking for a toned down look, but I don't think it's flattering on me at all.  If I were to wear this I'd have to spice it up with some stamping or glitter.  The formula was of typical Zoya flawlessness.

Petra is described as "A dark, smoky, dusky grey creme with strong purple undertones."   This color is also another that I don't love on me.  I think this one could definitely grow on me though.

Codie is described as "A blackened espresso brown creme with subtle olive undertones."  I liked this one more than I thought I would.  It looks very black in the picture but in real life you can definitely see her brown tones.  It was actually really nice even though she looked a little bland in the bottle.

Anja is best described as " A rich, deep, vampy red-toned wine purple with a glossy creme finish."  I love vampy reds, so I really love Anja.  She is much richer than she looked in the bottle.  I'll definitely be getting a lot of use from this polish.

Cynthia is best described as "A smoky, blackened peacock teal with soft warm undertones."  Cynthia is a bit darker than I wanted her to be.  She is still very pretty though, just not what I expected.  It's a very rich blue color that appears almost black, especially in the picture.

Dree is best decribed as "A light, dusty drab olive green with yellow tones and a touch of grey."  This is definitely my favorite of the Smoke collection.  I love this shade of green and the application was so easy.  I really like the way it looks in the bottle and on the nail.

So there you have the Smoke Collection.  I'll be posting next week with the Mirrors!

For more info about this collection, and other Zoya products, refer to the following links:
Zoya website
Zoya on facebook

What do you think of the Zoya Smokes?  Which is your favorite?

*Some products provided for review consideration


  1. I love them all! But Dree I really like!

  2. I really like Jana! It's a great neutral.

  3. Anja looks delicious and it helps that I know a lot of girls with that name ;)


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