Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cherimoya Ruby Step 4

Hi!  Just wanted to show a really quick swatch today.  I recently bought a bunch of Cherimoya's Pebble Beach polishes.  If you didn't know, the Pebble Beach line is basically sets of colors that are supposed to be used together to make a gradient effect with ease. 

I didn't use this polish for a gradient effect at the moment though, I wanted to just wear it on it's own because it was gorgeous!

This is Ruby Step 4:

Only one of my pics came out well enough to share, as it was really hard to photograph.  This is 1 coat with no top coat.  Yes, just 1 coat and it's so rich looking!  I think with top coat it would be even more stunning, but I was in a rush and was going to be layering over it. (As you saw the other day). 

When I get to trying out the gradient effect with these polishes I will be sure to report my experience with it...I am definitely intrigued by it and look forward to testing it out!

Have you used Cherimoya's polishes?  What do you think?


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