Friday, January 13, 2012

Wet Paint Nail Glaze System!

This blog post is going to be loaded with pics!  Today I am showing you the Wet Paint Nail Glaze System! 

If you are unfamiliar with Wet Paint Nail polish, it's a really cool nail system that allows you to create many different looks with just a few different bottles of polish.  There are three different types of polishes:  Bases, Top Coat Glazes, and then the extra special SPFX top coats. 

You can mix and match the different coats to achieve many different looks!

For even more information, visit the Wet Paint Nails information page here.

First up, I will share the Fall Collection, Kudos 2 U.  This set consists of the following polishes:
Kudos 2 U base color, Kudos Top Coat Glaze, Fructoes SPFX shimmer.

Kudos 2 U Base Color
This first picture is showing you what 2 coats of the Base color Kudos 2 U looks like.  It's a smoky plum metallic color that's gorgeous even by itself.

This picture is where the fun begins!  I created a few more looks using the 3 bottles that are in the Fall collection.
a) Kudos 2 U alone
b) Kudos 2 U + Kudos
c) Kudos 2 U + Fructoes
d) Kudos 2 U + Kudos + Fructoes

As you can see, you can mix and match the colors however you like, depending on the look you are going for.  The formulas on these are all fantastic too, and even though you're layering, it never gets gunky or thick, it feels exactly the same as any other nail polish.

Next up we have the Winter collection: Play Misty 4 Me!
This set includes the following:
Play Misty 4 Me base color, Dorian Gray top coat glaze, Caramel Breeze SPFX shimmer

First a picture of the base color Play Misty 4 Me by itself:

Play Misty 4 Me base color
Another collection of looks created with the Winter collection:
a) Play Misty 4 Me
b) Play Misty 4 Me + Dorian Gray
c) Play Misty 4 Me + Caramel Breeze
d) Play Misty 4 Me + Dorian Gray + Caramel Breeze

Another awesome set of looks! 

The next bunch of pictures are mixing and matching with the colors from the above collections in addition to a few different selections of glazes and SPFXs from the Wet Paint core set of colors. (description for each image is below the images)

 a) Play Misty 4 Me + Wild Top Coat Glaze
b) Play Misty 4 Me + Willful Top Coat Glaze
c) Play Misty 4 Me + Angel Top Coat Glaze

 a) Kudos 2 U + Wild
b) Kudos 2 U + Willful
c) Kudos 2 U + Angel

 a) Play Misty 4 Me + Onyx SPFX
b) Kudos 2 U + Onyx SPFX

 a) Play Misty 4 Me + Angel Top Coat + Caramel Breeze SPFX
b) Kudos 2 U + Wild + Fructoes SPFX

a) Wild Top Coat Glaze
b) Willful Top Coat Glaze
c) Angel Top Coat Glaze

The possibilities with these polishes are seemingly endless and I cannot wait to try out more combos and see what other great shades they come out with in the future!

If you would like to find out more about Wet Paint Nails,and purchasing information, please visit them at their website:

You can also find them and "Like" them on facebook here:

*products provided for my review consideration


  1. Wow that is wild isn't it! Beautiful colors!

  2. That is so awesome, I'm gonna have to check those out!

  3. This is something new, never heard of this before but I'm in love with the shine of these polishes!!

  4. GUH!!! I'm drooling over Kudos 2 U + Willful....SO PRETTY!!


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