Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Zoya True Collection

Hey everyone!  I have another new collection from Zoya to share with you today, the True Collection (Which I am sure you have probably already heard about!).  This collection has six shades for spring 2012 and I was very excited for most of them.

I will be honest and say that I was not thrilled to see that they have included two more nude neutral shades in this collection right on the heels of their recent Feel Collection.  Most people I think will agree that they would have rather seen two fresher colors in the place of the nudes in this most recent collection.  Ah well, we can't win them it's Zoya so it's not like I am THAT upset over it!

So, here we go!...

Farrah is one of the aforementioned neutrals in this collection, and is described as "opaque light khaki-beige with subtle sandy, greenish undertones and a cream finish".  Formula-wise, the polish is perfect for anyone who likes shades like this.  It was two coats to opacity, no application issues at all.  It just doesn't work for me personally at all, sadly.

Cho is the other neutral included in this collection.  She is described as "opaque yellow-toned light soft peachy beige with a hint of ultra fine silver shimmer."  I like this one more than Farrah but it still isn't great for my skin tone.  I might try stamping over this in the future for a possible delicate lacey look.  The formula and application were flawless as usual.

Bevin is described as "a dusty, medium sage green with teal tones and a creamy opaque finish."  I really like this shade a lot!  It is very unique to my collection and I loved the way it looked when I applied it.  Two coats with no application issues. 

Lotus is described as "a very soft, dusty blue-toned amethyst purple with colorful shimmer that reflects pink, red and gold."  I wanted to like this color more than I wound up liking her.  She is just a little too dusty for me.  The shimmer is really amazing though!  I couldn't capture it as well as I would have liked to.  I think the problem is how she goes with my skin tone, so if you have a different tone she might work a bit better for you.

Tru is described as "A saturated, red-toned grape purple with speckled shimmer that reflects gold, orange and red".  I love this color!  It is one of my favorites in the collection for sure.  Her formula was even better than usual, and the finish is super glossy and gorgeous.  No complaints here at all.

Skylar is described as "a medium steel blue with a softened, dusty look and speckled by visible gold and silver shimmer flecks."  My favorite of the collection for sure!  This color is truly unique and stunning.  Plus I really love the name Skylar, so it's an all-around win!

All in all I think this collection is really nice, though I only LOVE half the colors.  The other colors are pretty but just not for me personally.

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Bevin, Tru, and Skylar are the three hits in my opinion!  What do you think?  What are your favorites?

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  1. I want Bevin and Skylar! I have it on its way to me!


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