Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dash of Princess

Hi guys!  Today I have a really cool indie polish to share today!

This one is called Dash of Princess and its creator is Amy, the lovely lady behind the nail blog called I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous.

I layered Dash of Princess over Sparitual Ebb & Flow which is a gorgeous light blue creme from their Spring 2012 collection. 

Dash of Princess has a variety of hex glitter colors and sizes.  It also has microglitter throughout.  It is very easy to work with and get the glitters to go in the right places, while you do have to play with them a bit it isn't hard at all to get them onto the brush so you can place the larger ones where you'd like them to go.

I can't wait to try layering this over other colors to see all the different looks I can achieve.

Do you have any indie polishes?  What's your favorite one, if any?


  1. wow i love this combination, love the base color

  2. beautiful!! I'll have to buy Dash of Princess!!

  3. I've got three indies, all from Polished Components. Indies are the best, aren't they? :) And that's a very pretty combo!

  4. Oh, it's very lovely and very eye-catching!!

  5. Very pretty, love the underwear you chose, it's perfect together.

  6. The base color is amazing! Gahhh. Love the glitter too!

  7. that blue is fantastic!! and I already love Dash of Princess :)


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