Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quick Comparisons!

Hey guys!  Someone in a group I belong to was wondering how OPI Fly compares to the Bella half of the Edward and Bella nail art twins by Essence.  Since I happen to own the Essence polish as well, I did a quick comparison of the two.  My guess before swatching it was that the OPI would be more blue and the Essence more green, and I was pretty much correct.

Here is the comparison for you guys to see:

The difference in them is actually even more apparent when you see them in person.  But they are definitely not dupes!  Validation for owning both...score! ;)


I was asked for a second comparison, this one between Revlon's Blue Moon Lagoon and SinfulColors Cinderella, so I thought I would also share this one with you.

Once again, not dupes! :)


  1. Awesome comparisons! Thanks for doing the OPI/Essence one. I'm getting Bella next month in a swap but loved Fly but didn't want the same color. But now I need both! ;) And now I need Cinderella too. Thanks! :)

  2. Thanks for the comparisons. I really want Cinderella.


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