Friday, March 23, 2012

NerdLacquer: Gorramit!

Hey all, another Nerd Lacquer to share today!

This one is one of the Serentiy/Firefly named ones, and it's called Gorramit.  This is a term they use as a swear word in the series.

Gorramit is described as "A cantankerous golden yellow with silver and gold microglitter, gold glitter, medium square red glitter, and multiple sizes of copper and rust hexagonal glitter. A little feisty, but easy on the eyes, and quite opaque in two coats". 

I Love love love this!  That's all I can really say!  Formula and application were amazing, 2 coats are pictured.

I basically need every Nerd Lacquer known to man, they are so awesome!

Did you watch the Firefly series?  What do you think of this color?


  1. Such a unique and interesting color. It's so awesome in one of those "ugly color" kind of ways.

  2. Gorramit is amazing! I have almost all nerd lacquer polishes by now except this one:( I always though it will be too bright, but it is really a special.

  3. I don't even know what the firefly series is... but I know I love this color!! It's beautiful!!

  4. This is such a cool color!!! I need to add it is my wishlist =) I'm always unsure about yellows on me but this is too awesome to pass up!

  5. Oh, that's pretty! This may be the one that gets me to wear yellow on my nails.


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