Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge: Scrangie!

Hey guys!  It's the middle of the week, yay!  I have a really awesome polish to share with you today (yes I know I usually say that, but that's because I love polish so much, they are all awesome! haha).

Today's mani is Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie.  Many of you will know the name Scrangie, because she is probably the most popular nail swatch blogger that there is.  If you have been stuck under a rock somewhere and haven't subscribed to her blog yet, you can find it here.  This polish was named for Scrangie by the folks at Rescue Beauty Lounge.

As soon as I applied this polish to one finger I was in LOVE, look at this beauty:

I can just die from the gorgeousness!  I love it.  I applied 2 even coats by itself, but I bet this would also work well with one coat layered over a similar purple shade.  I love it! The formula is amazing!  So worth the $18 price tag on this polish.

If you like this color you should act fast and snag one while it's still around because it's been brought back once, when it's gone again, it's gone for good!  Everyone  needs this polish in their life!

What do you think?  Do you have any other RBL polishes to recommend?

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  1. OMFG. That is wayyyyy more gorgeous then it looks in the bottle!!! I must have itttttttt. I wish I would have gotten there in time to order with you guys!

  2. It really is a gorgeous polish!! Great swatches!!

  3. I really hope this is still available when my no buy ends!

  4. HI, Erika. Have you ever tried Dazzle Dry's Jewel Effects? They're pretty awesome. Especially the Emerald lacquer. Speaking of which, have you got a St Patrick's Day nail art look to share? Might win in Dazzle Dry's Lucky Nails contest -- might want to check it out! --

  5. Oh gosh WANT. That's ridiculously pretty!


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