Friday, March 9, 2012

VooDoo Doll!

Hey guys! Happy Friday :)

Today I have another awesome indie polish creation by Amy from I'm Feeling Nail Venturous!

This one is called VooDoo Doll, and I layered it over yesterday's Essence High Spirits mani.

VooDoo Doll is a really cool black and white glitter mix.  It kind of reminds me of Lynnderella's Connect the Dots but without the bar glitter.  I love black and white, and I love glitter, so of course I love this polish!  The base is not quite clear, it's a very sheer black/grey (which you can tell by the darker shade High Spirits has taken on).  I quite like the tint.  This is an awesome glitter!

Do you like glitter mixes?  What do you think of all the new Indie polish brands popping up lately?


  1. I love the indie brands, but there's just SO MANY now I cannot keep up!

  2. I think the indie brands are coming up with the most interesting glitters! So far I've only tried Nerdlacquer, but definitely want to try several other indie brands. It's just a matter of catching them when they are in stock!

  3. I love this one... I regret not choosing it now

  4. I have bought at least one or two of what seems like everyone selling their own concoctions and I really like them.. They now what we want, a product of good quality at a somewhat reasonable price.


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