Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lac Attack Nail Lacquer! (Part 1)

Hey guys!  Today I am sharing a few colors made by Lac Attack Nail Lacquer!    The Spring 2012 Wild Thing Collection is released and it consists of 7 glittery animal-themed colors! 

I am going to share these in a series of posts, and the colors I am sharing today are Decidedly Deciduous, Ocelot-a Spots.

Decidedly Deciduous

Decidedly Deciduous
Decidedly Deciduous "is inspired by the lush jungle: a sheer green base with holographic green glitter and larger green hex pieces."

I decided to layer this over Revlon Rainforest, which is a deep shimmery green.  I love how these two polishes look together. I think you could get similar looks layering this over any dark type color.  This is 2 coats of Decidedly Deciduous.  The only problem I had with this polish is that the glitter gets a little bit lost in the lacquer base, but it still looks pretty the way it turns out.

Ocelot-a Spots

Ocelot-a Spots
Ocelot-a Spots is "A clear base filled with various white and black glitters resembling the spotted, striped, and rather territorial ocelot (wild cat)". 

I layered this polish over Bettina 193.  I really like the look of this polish.  It is similar to some other indie black/white glitter polish, but I think the different shapes and sizes set it apart from the others enough to be unique. 

I really liked these two polishes, especially Ocelot-a Spots! I can never get enough black and white glitter topcoats.

If you would like to buy Lac Attack Nail Lacquers, please visit the etsy shop located here:

You can also find Lac Attack on facebook here:

*polishes sent to me for review consideration


  1. Both of these are so pretty! So many amazing indie brands out there these days!

  2. Decidedly Deciduous is soooo pretty!! Thanks for sharing ;0).

  3. I love both of these, but especially Ocelot-a Spots!!


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