Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nicka K New York Nail Color "Studio Line"! (Part 2)

Hey all!  A few days ago I posted the first four of eight new Nicka K New York Nail Colors that I have to share with you.  Today I am bringing you the final four of them!

You can refer to Tuesday's Post to learn more about these polishes.

Dolphin is a gorgeous and bright turquoise blue shade.  It has a metallic frost finish and is opaque in two coats.  You do kinda see brush strokes in this polish, and in a few of the polishes I have tried from this line so far, but I don't think they take anything away from the beauty of the colors, I rather like how they look in these instances.  I love colors like this for summer!

Iceberg is a perfectly fitting name for this color in my opinion.  It has that icy, frosty quality and I love it.  It's a really unique shade for my collection.  It was a little on the sheer side so it was the only one of the 8 polishes that I got to try that needed 3 coats for opacity, but 3 really isn't that bad when the color you get is so pretty!

Royal Fuchsia
Royal Fuchsia is a really shimmery bright fuchsia pink.  The finish of this polish is amazing, as you can see in the pic.  Super shiny and super bright!  Only 2 coats needed for full opacity.  Another great spring/summer shade!

Violet is the last color I am sharing with you from the polishes I've sampled from this line.  This was super hard to capture correctly, as my camera tends to hate purple shades.  But I got this pic which I think is accurate and gorgeous.  I love the shimmer in this color, there's definitely some hidden pink hues trying to peek out!  Plus you can't beat that shine.

Overall I think these new colors from NK are really nice!  They are very high quality polishes with a very affordable ($4.99) price tag.  The formula on all of the ones I tried was super easy to work with, the brush was comfortable to hold and I had no problems with the bristles at all.

I highly recommend NK polishes, as so far I have tried many polishes from their different lines and haven't been let down yet.

Stay tuned shortly for a post where I will announce how you can get a chance to win a set of the 8 polishes I reviewed for you this week!

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