Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Couple of Purples

I was kind of in a rush today to get a blog together and I found these two sets of swatches I keep meaning to post but haven't yet, and both colors are very pretty purples!

CND - Electric Purple (lamp lighting)

CND - Electric Purple (natural lighting)
First up is CND Electric Purple.  This polish was super easy to apply, pretty much a 1-coater!   It was very hard to capture the true color but the above pics do accurately depict it.  I love the CND formula and shine!

Illamasqua - Faux Pas

Illamasqua - Faux Pas
Lastly, Illamasqua Faux Pas!  This is a "rubber finish" polish that is is gorgeous!  I thought it might be tricky to apply or have a sticky formula but it went on super easily and cleanly!  I absolutely adore the rubber finish, it is so smooth looking! Seeing how nice this looks makes me wish I had bought more of these when I saw them!

Do you love purple polishes?  What's your favorite purple?


  1. I LOVE Faux Pas! The entire Theater of the Nameless Collection is divine!

  2. Thumbs up for Illasmasqua Faux Pas, such a gorgeous color and finish. I need to get this!

  3. Nice colors! I like the darker one best, but they are both lovely :)

  4. I like them both.. especially the CND!!


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