Thursday, May 31, 2012

Indie Spotlight: Rosie Sparkle

Hey all!  I have some colors from another Indie polish maker to share with you today!  This one is called Rosie Sparkle!

Such lovely packaging!

Look at the cute mesh bags all neatly tied up!
I had to start with those pictures of the packaging because I thought this was so pretty and detailed!  Each polish was carefully wrapped in colored tissue paper and then inside the tissue there is a cute little mesh bag tied with a rose pattern ribbon!

First up for the polishes, we have Alex.  This is a vibrant blue with a light shimmer.  It kind of reminds me of what Revlon Royal would look like if it had some shimmer to it.  The formula was great and I think it is gorgeous!

Total Eclipse of the Heart
Total Eclipse of the Heart is a topper polish consisting of blue and silver stars and other glitter, in a medium blue base.  I layered it over Alex in this picture.  I love almost everything about this polish and the one thing that I dislike is merely a personal preference and that is shape glitter.  It just isn't my personal favorite thing in polishes and I usually try to avoid it.  But LOTS of people love shape glitters so if you love that kind of thing, you'd probably love this polish.

I think it is partly because my nail shape has no parts that aren't rounded, so it's very hard for me to find a place I can get larger shaped glitter to lay flat.  I always wind up picking it off.  But again, that is not a flaw of the polish, just something I personally don't prefer.

Stockholm Syndrome
This polish, called Stockholm Syndrome, is part of the "Oppressed Princess" collection.  It is a "purplish, pinkish, bluish, silver".  It looks a little frosty in the picture but in person it was really more metallic than frost.  I think it's really delicate and lovely!

The Loneliest Number
The Loneliest Number is pretty much a black and white glitter.  The base is slightly tinted jelly and the glitter is a few sizes and quite dense.  I applied it over white, grey and a purple.  If you like black and white glitter polishes, this one offers something a bit different from the "connect the dot" styled ones.

Seven Hours & Fifteen Days
Seven Hours & Fifteen Days is a "thick foamy glitter.  It looks orange in the bottle but it's actually made up of orange, pink, yellow, and green glitters"  It has a slightly matte finish when dry.  I really like these styles of glitters but I am not sure that this particular one looks very good against my fair skintone.  It kind of makes my nails almost disappear.  The colors together are really delicate and cute though! And the polish was easy to apply evenly.

Strange & Beautiful

Last but not least, we have Strange & Beautiful.  This polish "features multicolored chunky, bar, and fine glitters in a dark purple base.  The glitters are all holographic, so it really shines in the right light".  I layered this over Stockholm Syndrome and I love the party feel of this look.  I feel like these nails would be great to wear to a celebration of some kind.  I am not usually a fan of quite this much bar glitter but for this polish I think it really works!

Rosie Sparkle polishes are available at the Rosie Sparkle Esty Shop and cost $8 per full size polish and $4 per mini size.

You can also find Rosie Sparkle at the following links:



What do you think of Rosie Sparkle polishes?    Have you already tried any?

*polishes provided by creator for my review consideration


  1. Total Eclipse of the Heart looks just like my kind of polish, it's gorgeous! I think I better check out her shop! :)

  2. Alex and seven hours are amazing! Exactly the kinds of polish I go for.

  3. pretty polishes and I LOVE your new layout!!!

  4. These look great! The packaging was so cute!

  5. Alex is very pretty - do you remember how many coats you used?

  6. I love Seven Hours and Fifteen Days!

  7. Aside from the fact that I now have Sinead O'Connour Nothing Compares suck in my head I have to say these are all beautiful! I want Seven Hours and Fifteen Days even tho I don't know if I would ever wear it. It looks so pretty and delicate!


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