Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix!

Hey guys! I have something new and cool to show you today!  It's a new polish line by Bari Cosmetics, the makers of  Pure Ice nail polish.  The new line is called Vinyl Remix.

Basically, Vinyl Remix is a little like crackle polish, but with a twist.  You use it over the Platinum Base Coat and the polish goes on like crackle and leaves behind not only black but also a color! You can make designs with them, use them by themselves or separate.  Pretty much anything you want to express your own personal style.

So here is what the Platinum base Coat looks like before you do anything to it.  I think it's pretty much just like white nail polish.

Then you add the colors and transform the above into this:

As you can see, I used 4 different colors to create this funky look.  The Vinyl Remix colors I used are called: Rave (Orange), Vintage Remix (Purple), DJ Spinner (Green), and Emcee Me (Yellow).

The application of these was a breeze.  Seriously fool-proof.  It was not like regular crackle polish which is very particular about how you apply it.  On the contrary, it didn't matter one bit if I did a thin or thick coat, or if I went over the same spot twice by accident...it still cracked just the way it was supposed to and left behind the colors intended. 

I think these are a really fun alternative to the crackle trend which seems to have been on its way out lately.  These are fun and definitely mix it up a bit and are so much easier to use and work with than regular crackle polishes are.

Bari Cosmetics Website
Bari's Beauty Bubble on Facebook

What do you think of this look?  Will you try these out?

*polishes provided for my review consideration


  1. That's really interesting. I think crackles have more to offer than we've figured out yet. Happy to see someone using them to make patterns. :)

  2. Cool! Is there a blue crackle in the line?

  3. Oh, how interesting! Do you mean that the base coat changes colours as well when you apply crackle on top?


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