Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Partner Stamping Wednesday!

Today officially starts the partner stamping challenge that I mentioned last week!

In case you missed the post, I mentioned that my friend Jamie of Nails Adored and I decided to get ourselves stamping more by doing a little challenge with one another.  Basically we pick a stamping plate each week, (from a list of plates we both own copies of), and we each create a mani using an image (or images) from that plate and see what we come up with.

Today's plate is SH-01 from the Shany 2012 collection. 

Here is the mani I created:

I used an array of colors from the China Glaze Summer Neons Collection:  Pink Plumeria, Love's a Beach, Sun-Kissed, I'm With The Lifeguard, Splish Splash, Hang Ten Toes, Under the Boardwalk, and Orange You Hot (all on the gradients over plain white). 

I stamped with Mash Nail Art Polish in black.

I really love how this came out.  I will share pictures of the neon gradient without the stamping another day when I get those pictures cropped and watermarked.  (I meant to for today but time got away from me!).

Now that you have seen what I did with SH-01, head over to Jamie' blog and see what she came up with!

Do you stamp often?  What is your favorite type of stamping mani?


  1. SO cute, I love it, my kind of colours too!!

  2. Love the stamp over the rainbow gradient!

  3. I love your gradient, this looks fabulous!

  4. A cool image and these gradient colors rock!

  5. You blend your colors so well,Im jelly =) Very pretty

  6. I stamp anywhere from one to four times a week. I love stamping. I am such a neat freak and stamping allows me to have very similar sets of nails so I love it. I love doing flowers but try not to do them to much so my readers don't end up hating me. :-) I am excited to see how similar or different your nails will be each week.


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