Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stamping for Pink Wednesday

Happy (pink) Wednesday everyone!  Today I was supposed to be bringing  you the first of my new partner stamping challenges.  This is something new that my friend Jamie of Nails Adored and I came up with to try and get us both stamping more often because we love it and aren't half bad at it...and both have tons of stamping plates

So basically we are going to try to pick a stamping plate we  both own and once a week both create a mani with the same plate, not necessarily the same image.  Hopefully this will help get our creative stamping juices flowing!

HOWEVER, unfortunately she lost her pictures for this week's challenge and there was no time for a re-do, so this will start at a future date.

This plate we were using is BM-201. (from series 2 Bundle Monster)

Here is the mani I created using this plate:

 I used 2 images from the plate and I was fairly happy with the result!

The polishes I used were Zoya Kiki and China Glaze Sweet Hook.

This was fun to do! I can't wait for our future stamping challenges in the coming weeks.

Do you like stamping?  What set of plates is your favorite?


  1. The swirly image is one of my favorites! <3 looks great ^_^

  2. You're inspiring me to try my new Mash plates I just got. I've never stamped before. Great job! :)

  3. Oh how I wish I had your stamping skills!! Loving the pink (as usual) :)

  4. Very pretty!! Love the stamping!

  5. I LOVE stamping. I feel bad for my blog readers because almost every post involves a stamp. Lol.I don't have a favorite yet but that will change soon, I'm surrenders of it. I only have the new Mash plates, 26-50and a few Essence plate. I love the mani you did and the colors aregreat together. great together

    1. I am sorry for the bad punctuation. That was supposed to say sure not surrender. I am using my phone and was blindly typing because overtime I would type my screen would go off center. Have you ever thought of enabling your mobile view?

    2. OK I have enabled Mobile view, sorry about that!:)

  6. Really pretty! I can't pick which design I like better :)


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