Friday, July 20, 2012

Zoya Gloss Collection!

Hey guys!  Exciting post today, the Zoya Fall 2012 lines have come out and there are three collections!  Today I am sharing the Gloss collection, which is a set of 3 amazing JELLY polishes!

The formula on all three jellies is exactly the same.  Perfect buildable color.  Jelly polishes will not become fully opaque but you can alter the look by using more or fewer coats. You can layer them with glitters, or wear alone, or maybe try out a "jelly sandwich", the possibilities are pretty much endless!

Now onto the swatches!

Katherine - artificial light

Katherine - Sunlight
Katherine is best described as a sheer, dark, red-toned aubergine.  I love this color and its vampy qualities!  I didn't have a nice red toned jelly yet and this one is perfect!

Paloma - Artificial Light

Paloma - Sunlight
Paloma is best described as a sheer deep fuchsia-berry.   When seeing the new Zoya Gloss collection in their bottles only, I didn't expect to like Paloma very much, but wearing her immediately showed me that I was wrong in my assumption! She's gorgeous!

Frida - Artificial Light

Frida - Sunlight
Frida is best described as a sheer, dark, warm-toned teal blue.  I knew that this would be my favorite of these jellies.  I adore how this looks and cannot wait to try this baby out with some sparkles in a sandwich or layering mani!

I am so totally floored that Zoya decided to include these three polishes in their fall release this year.  I hope they come out with more jellies soon because their formula is really amazing and easy to work with, which isn't always the case with jellies...definitely not all created equal!

Great job Zoya!

What do you think of this collection?  Which color is your favorite? 

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  1. Gorgeous swatches. I love Paloma on me, but Frida looks beautiful on you!!

  2. I wanted Zoya so bad. Pretty swatches and lovely nails.

  3. I'm not feeling Frida too much but I must have Paloma on my tips. She is gorgeous.


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