Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cult Nails: I Got Distracted

Hey guys!  Today I have a gorgeous new polish from Cult Nails to share with you!

This polish is called "I Got Distracted" and it is part of the newest set of polishes, Coco's Untamed Collection.

This polish is even more gorgeous and sparkly in person!  You really have to see it to fully appreciate the sparkly, distracting, goodness!

A bit of a funny anecdote to share about my mani:  I went to put this polish on, so I grabbed it out of the Cult Nails section of one of my Helmers.  I was carefully painting it onto my nails but looking at them thinking "that's funny, I really thought this was more sparkly when I first looked at the bottle"....but shrugged it off to my memory being bad and continued to paint 2 coats AND topcoat onto all 10 of my fingernails.

I went to photograph the nails for my blog and first went to take a picture of the polish label (which I always do for any polish I photograph, so that if I do a big swatching session I don't forget which polish is which on the camera roll),....the label said "Living Water" and I had a HUGE HUGE OOOPS moment!  and thought "Damn, I really DID get distracted!".

SO basically I had grabbed what I thought was my sparkly new polish but instead was my slightly older (But still gorgeous) older Cult Nails polish.  Well I then had to proceed to apply I Got Distracted" over living water, which worked out fine since both are dark. 

So yea...that was a first for me...never got through an entire mani before with a polish I didn't indend to use! 

So what do you think of this polish?    Have you ever had a huge "DUH" moment while doing a mani?


  1. It looks very nice, I want to get one as well...:)

  2. More sparkly? How come? It's absolutely beautiful!
    Rock Ur Nails

  3. My biggest oops recently was not capping my polishes when I was done. :( I guess I was so excited that I'd finished my mani, that I forgot to really "finish" up with the whole process. D'oh!

  4. This is so stunning! It might be the prettiest glitter I've ever seen.

  5. Love it! I haven't had any moments like that, well that I know of anyways. Lol

  6. Yeah, I put cuticle remover on instead of basecoat, followed by 2 coats of polish, top coat, stamp, moe top coat and then wondered why the whole lot slipped off....


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