Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jelly Gradient!

Hey guys!  I have something a little different to share today.  I was recently wanting to do a gradient mani but I couldn't decide what colors, then I had the idea that maybe a jelly gradient would be a cool/different idea (though I am sure someone else out there has done it before, I am not claiming to have invented it, haha).

So I chose 2 untried polishes I purchased from Aphrodite Lacquer, Grapetini and Blue Lagoon.

Here is the result:

I think this was pretty cool looking when it was finished!  I didn't really use any special technique or tools, I just painted my nails with Blue Lagoon to start out with and then did the second coat of jelly with half Blue Lagoon and half Grapetini, alternating which one would be top/bottom. 

It was really simple and got tons of compliments!  I also have something else I did with it to share with you tomorrow!

What do you think of jelly gradients?


  1. oh i love it, looks so pretty :D

  2. love this mani! did you use the sponge technique for the gradient?

  3. It's really cool looking...like a bubbly tropical drink you'd get at on a cruise or something. mmmmm

  4. These look awesome! I've seen jelly gradients before but these win in my book just because they're my two favorite colors. I'd love to do this but the jellies I have aren't really sheer enough to achieve this look. Boo hoo

  5. Wow interesting idea. I'd never heard of this before. It looks really pretty! Nice choice of colours too :)

  6. this is so stunning!

  7. I love this more than you know lol

  8. I'm a sucker for a jelly and this gradient looks great with it!


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