Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weekly Partner Stamping!

Hey guys!  It's time for weekly partner stamping again!  I am having a lot of fun doing this, and I hope you are all enjoying it too.

This week, Jamie and I are using plate CH16 from the Cheeky image plate collection.

Here's my mani:

I love how this came out!  The base color is I Got Distracted by Cult Nails, and the stamping polish is Sally Hansen Brisk Blue.

This is such a fun design and I was super happy with this color combination!  Hooray for a non-fail!

Here's what the plate looks like:

Now visit Nails Adored and see what Jamie came up with this week!


  1. fun! i feel like this would be a good one for new years eve or something

  2. I just got this plate and can't wait to try it out!

  3. wow i love the design this is pretty

  4. It looks fabulous! Very cool stamping!!

  5. I love the contrast - it's very eye catching but not overwhelming! Good job!

  6. Hello! Where dis you bought this CH plate??
    It´s so beautiful!


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