Friday, October 26, 2012

BB Couture: Men In Polish Collection

Happy Friday!

It's been a while since I've shared any BB Couture nail polishes, and I was excited to review this collection for them!  It is part of their BB Couture for Men line and the set is called "M I P" (Men In Polish). 

I will forewarn you that these aren't your typical conventional polish names, so please don't take offense at any of the names, as I didn't name them personally and they really aren't all that bad anyway, I actually think they are kinda funny, haha.

So here are some swatches for you:
Orion's Belt
Orion's Belt is a black base with lots of holographic microglitter.  The formula is really nice and I used 2 coats for opacity.

Martian Mushroom
Martian Mushroom is a grey toned brown creme.  It is a good color for all, and I actually kind of like it even though I'm not usually a fan of this sort of color.  This is two coats.

Boned Invader
Boned Invader is an olive toned green creme base with silvery shimmer/glitter throughout.  This is a really great color!  I used two coats in the picture above.

Area 51
Area 51 is a light brown frost.  I am not really a fan of frost finish polishes so I can't really get into this color.  The formula was good though, two coats needed.

Anal Probe
Anal Probe is a red toned medium brown creme.  I think I would like this more if it was a shimmer instead of a creme.  It's not bad though, and definitely suitable for fall.  I think I'd like to add a pretty glitter next time I wear it.  This is two coats.

Alien Puke
Alien Puke is a lime green/yellow shimmer with a slight frost to the finish.  This is one of my favorites in this collection, despite the slight frostiness.  I love shades like this against my skin tone, and the name is fun to me, haha.  I used two coats.

 This set has quite a few winners in it, and is definitely worth checking out!  I love the polishes that BB Couture comes up with, and can't wait to see what else they have in store in the future.  The quality of the polish is great and the color varieties they have available is vast so there is something for everyone.

If you would like to find out more about BB Couture, use any of the following links:

BB Couture Website:
BB Couture on Facebook:

What do you think of this collection?  

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  1. Your swatches and review are great! These are ok. But Anal Probe made me scream NO.


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