Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Indie Spotlight: BAM Nail Lacquer!

Hey guys!  I have another indie spotlight installment to share with you today.

This brand is called BAM Nail Lacquer!

The collection I am reviewing and sharing with you today is the latest release by this brand and it's a Halloween Collection!

Ok so let's get to the swatches!

First up is Apparitional which is "Shimmery pink-blue duochrome base infused with blue-pink-gold colorshifting flakes."

I really thought this was going to have to be layered over something for opacity, but I actually was able to wear it in 3 thin coats (2 thicker coats would have worked as well).  This color is so pretty and the duochrome effect is very strong.

Eye of Newt
 Eye of Newt is "Chartreuse shimmer base with gold and turquoise sparkle."

 This one I applied 2 coats, in person it was fully opaque but the camera shows a little VNL.  I love this shade of yellow/green, I am always very attracted to polishes in this color family.

Gossamer Sparkle
Gossamer Sparkle is "Gold shimmer base with electric blue flecks."

This is such a juicy looking orange shimmer!  I actually can't really see the blue flecks very much, which was a little disappointing, however this polish is so shiny and gorgeous that it totally makes up for that.  I used two coats.

Lunar Enchantment
Lunar Enchantment is "Shimmery ruby base sprinkled with gold flakes." 

I love this bright and shimmery creation!  I love that this is part of the Halloween collection because it isn'ta color typically associated with Halloween and I like to mix it up a little.  I loved how this polish looked in the bottle and when applied, it really goes well with my skin tone and I think it would be universally flattering as well.

Spellbound is "Black jelly base with bright violet and gold shimmer."

 I really love jelly based polishes and this one doesn't disappoint at all!  It is even more stunning in person, the true look was very hard to capture properly.  The formula was really easy to work with and wasn't thick or goopy.  I used 3 thin coats.

Overall I am very impressed with these BAM Nail Lacquer!  I am excited to see what comes out in the future!

You can purchase BAM Nail Lacquer at the Esty shop found here for $9.50 per full sized (15mL) polish and $3.29 for mini sized bottles (3.5mL). 

What do you think of this collection?  Have you tried anything from BAM Nail Lacquer already?

*polishes provided for review consideration


  1. I'm loving the duochrome in Apparitional!

    I've never tried BAM Nail Lacquer, but I just checked out the Etsy shop, and the Summer Sweathearts collection isn't bad, either. Twilight Rendezvous from that one may have just become one of my serious lemmings--so thank you for introducing me to this brand!

  2. I'm not really impressed by the polishes.


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