Monday, December 10, 2012

Indie Spotlight: Polished Components

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

Today I have another great indie brand to share with you!

Polished Components makes a wide variety of hand-mixed polishes and takes great care in making sure that every bottle is tested and checked for the proper color and quality before it is shipped to the buyers. 

The newest collection is The Underwear line, of which I have three shades to share with you!  All of the polishes in this collection are named for various styles of underwear, and  "The whole line is designed to be beautiful on its own and yet fit perfectly under a glitter as its underwear."! 

I thought that was a very fun idea for a collection.

Granny Panties
Granny Panties is " light blue with tons of pale blue shimmer and flecks"  This color seriously glows right off my nails!  It has a hint of a frosty look to it, but not strong enough to bother me (as I personally don't care much for frost finishes).  I really think this is a stunning shade, and the formula was super easy to work with.  The consistency is a tad thicker than many polishes I have worked with but it wasn't goopy or thick in a bad way, it just let me apply it to the right places without running into my cuticle or anywhere I didn't want it to go.  It was neat and perfect without any cleanup.

Thong is "pink with a tons of micro shimmer and flecks".  Same formula I explained above for Granny Panties, this was super easy to apply as well, and the finish is amazingly shiny.  This is also a super pretty shade of pink!

I saved my favorite for last this time, Crotchless!  "Charcoal grayish black has tons of personality. It is packed with shimmers and flecks of red, bue, and purple."   I adore the colored shimmers in this polish!  You can see it in the photo peeking out in reds, blues, and purples.  When I saw it in the bottle I was afraid I wouldn't be able to capture it for the photos, but it's totally visible on the nail, and gorgeous!

Full Underwear line by Polished Components
Finally, Ashley was kind enough to include a swatch wheel of the entire collection so that you could see what they all look like!  The order is as follows:  Granny Panties, G-String, Thong, Booty Shorts, Bikini, Crotchless, and Control Top.

These polishes retail for $8.00 each per 15mL size bottle.

Polished Components Store

Polished Components Facebook page

What do you think of these polishes?   Do you have a favorite among them?

*products provided for review consideration


  1. Great pictures! Thong is a gorgeous colour.

    I found the name "Granny Panties" rather amusing. I think I'm easily pleased these days!

  2. I want Granny Panties! (OH GOD LOL)

  3. buahahaha would I be too naughty to say that I love Crotchless???
    these are all so beautiful!!!

  4. Not really polishes I would buy.

  5. Oooh, very glowy. I've not heard of this brand before.


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