Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mentality Polish: The Brilliant Collection

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today I have another set from Mentality Nail Polish to share with you!  It's called the Brilliant Collection.  This set "features sparkling colors burning with linear holographic reflections. Finish is semi-gloss to satin with a lightly textured surface. Holographic reflection provides an exciting sparkle indoors, but can be a bit blinding when stared at outdoors."

I was super excited about this set, as I had seen some promo pictures and I think I even had to wipe a little drool off my keyboard! haha

Just to not be repetitive later, ALL of these polishes have the same amazing formula.  I got complete coverage in just two coats.  Also definitely worth pointing out, I didn't need any special bases to make this polish apply nicely.

They all went on cleanly with no streaking or balding at all.  I waited for the first coat to be mostly dry, as I typically do, applied the second coat, and it was pure perfection. So you don't have to worry about the issues that are typically associated with holo polishes!

Fervor is "a sparkling light purple holographic polish".  I have to admit, this was the polish from this collection that I was most excited about from the previews I saw.  It totally did not disappoint either!  Love this!

Euphoria is "a sparkling light gold holographic polish".  I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this one or not, since I don't have a great relationship with many gold polishes.  However, I was pleased with how this looked on me, and think it's quite stunning.

Rapture is "a sparkling coppery red holographic polish".  I have to say, this is probably the most unique polish in the Brilliant Collection.   In the bottle it is very intriguing, but on the just comes to life!  I love how the reds and coppers play together with the holo in this shade.  It truly is brilliant.

Elation is "a sparkling bright light blue holographic polish".  This is another shade I was excited to see in person, as I am a super huge blue polish fan.  This is a perfect shade of blue for me, and the holo really looks amazing with this color (though honestly holo + any color = win, haha).  I think this photo really captures the great shine finish of the polish as well, which is gorgeous!

All in all, the Brilliant Collection goes 4/4 in my book...they are all winners!

The Brilliant Collection retails for $8.75 each per full size bottle, which includes shipping!

One last swatch for you, which isn't part of the Brilliant Collection, but is also it's relevant.

It is simply called "Holo" and it is the first item in the Mentality Top Coat Collection.  The Holo top coat is described as follows:
 "Turn your favorite nail polish into a rainbow with a coat of Holo, from Mentality. This top coat has been formulated to provide the best single coat holographic results with minimal silvering of the base color."
I always wanted a super bright "barbie" pink holo polish but have yet to find one I like yet, so I decided to try this top coat over a super bright pink to see how it would come out:

Holo, over bright pink
Pretty great, huh?  This is just 1 thin coat applied over the base color.  This is one of the best holo top coats I've tried, and at only $6.75 for a full size bottle, it's an amazing deal!  I think every polish lover should own a bottle of this to transform all their polishes into holo gorgeousness!

You can purchase these polishes from their webshop here:  Mentality Nail Polish

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How did you like this dose of Holo goodness?  Which color is your favorite?

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