Monday, September 30, 2013


Today is my birthday!  Since I am out of town in Las Vegas (woohoo!!), I had to set up some blogs for while I'm away, so here are some random swatches I've done and haven't gotten around to sharing yet.  Enjoy!

Cosmetica Fanatica - 45-315
This one is a random polish I received in an international swap quite a while ago and finally got around to using.  I was sad I'd waited so long to use it cause I love it!

Diamond Cosmetics - Moonsand

Moonsand by Diamond Cosmetics was also a gorgeous polish!  I am always impressed with my polishes from Diamond Cosmetics and I think they are an often overlooked brand, but they have some really nice stuff!

NYX - Delectable
Another stunner, Delectable by NYX is a super opaque magenta with a gold shimmer.  Love it!

Avon - Cosmic
Avon Cosmic is one of their newer polishes from the holographics collection they released earlier in the year (or late last year, I forget exactly when it came out).  I was super impressed with this polish, and the others in the collection, which I am sure I'll get around to sharing in the future.  It's a gorgeous scattered holographic look.

Ok that's enough for today, I have plenty more to share soon!

Which is your favorite of these?  Do you have a polish you love that took you a long time to even try out?

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  1. Happy B-day. Enjoy Vegas, i've been there a few months ago too ;-). Lovely swatches.


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