Monday, October 7, 2013


Hey everyone!  Today seems like another day for a swatch deposit!  No real theme going on here, just wanted to share these colors with you!

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Loving the subtle but gorgeous holo in this dove gray polish.  I believe I used 3 thin coats for the pictured look.

Sally Hansen - Tweedy
Didn't think I'd like this "fuzzy coat" polish by Sally Hansen, and I don't love it, but it was pretty neat to wear, and I was surprised that I was able to achieve full coverage with it, though it did take a little effort.

Duri - Angels & Demons
 If you can't tell, I am kind of a sucker for grey polishes, this one is kind of a pewter metal sort of gray, and I love it!  Duri is a very underestimated, under-appreciated brand, in my opinion.

Essie - Naughty Nautical
Here's a bright one for you, by Essie.  Naughty Nautical is a gorgeous teal with a silvery subtle shimmer. 

Illamasqua - Throb
Throb is such a perfect red! Plus, the Illamasqua formula is pretty much flawless, this went on like a dream and I only used two coats.  No staining either!

Thanks for checking out these swatches!  Do you enjoy swatch dump posts?  I am thinking this will be a semi-regular occurrence for me because I have so many polishes I would like to share and it would take WAY too long to do single posts for each one.  Let me know how you'd feel about that!

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