Thursday, July 21, 2011

Polish Display!

I finally got around to organizing my stash and putting as many polishes as possible on display shelving in my bathroom.  Unfortunately there were still polishes that didn't fit on the units I have available so some had to stay in plastic bins for the time being.  I'll have to get more display units and put them up in another room...maybe the bedroom or something.  I seriously need a whole room dedicated to nail polish!  That would rock! :)

This first wall unit houses my China Glaze, OPI, Zoya, Color Club, and Nfu Oh polishes.  I am sure some of these will get bumped soon, as my China Glaze and OPI collections seem to grow the fastest...and I really want more Zoyas in my Nfu Oh and Color Club will have to relocate soon. 

Next wall shelf has finger paints, Essie, KleanColor, Mattese Elite, Misa, $OPI/NOPI, Milani, CND, Ulta Professional, and two stray Jessie's Girl polishes (mainly because there was space there and those two were the only ones that would fit)...the last couple will also get bumped soon too I'm sure.

The left counter units house the Sinful Colors and Black Poppy (PacSun polishes), and the right side unit has my Icing, Revlon, Wet N Wild, and Ulta. 

And that leaves the bins I couldn't find room for. *sob*.  It's my boxes of Sally Hansen, Pure Ice, and then two boxes of miscellaneous polishes of different brands. 
Yes, this is a huge amount of polishes...hence the fixation, haha.  But seriously, I hope to find display solutions for those other boxes because my collection is ever-growing and I really prefer to SEE all my polishes rather than keep them in bins or helps me visualize what I want to paint on my nails when I can look around at all the pretty bottles.  My color wheels help a bit but I really like seeing the bottles too.

How do you store your polishes?

PS: The storage shelves are from Trans Design


  1. Oh I'll be making another post soon that shows how I organize my colors for easy finding, which will include my color wheel system! :)

  2. !! I have 3 metal far. I probably need at least 3 more! I REALLY like the counter racks! I think I should incorporate some of those as I am running out of wall space in my bathroom!!

    I was a little overwhelmed by the site....what should I look for to find the counter racks you got??? THANKS!!

  3. @Melissa Birch: Wow that's a lot! I love the counter displays too! But I really wish I had more room in my bathroom, I think I have to start storing some in the bedroom.

    I think the section on Trans Design is called "Polish Rack" and the ones I have are the larger ones they show there. :)


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