Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wheels, Wheels, Wheels!

I was going to have another mani for you guys today but I never got around to redoing my nails today as planned.  Instead, I have something else entirely!  I was asked about my nail wheels the other day, so I figured I might as well blog about them so you can all see how I keep track of my ever-growing collection of polish colors.  My system isn't perfect, I'm sure...but it works for me, and I like it!

I start with a package of Nail Polish & Art Wheels which I get at Sally Beauty Supply.  It's $5.99 for a pack of 10, which I don't think is a bad deal considering how helpful they are!  

Then I use a fine tip black Sharpie marker and number the nail wheel from 1 to 18 (I put a dark mark in place of the "1" so that I can see the beginning at a glace).  I sort my nail wheels by Brand (except for brands I know I won't own a lot of, then I make "Misc" wheels for those).  I put an "A" under the brand on the first wheel of that brand an when I have more than 18 colors of a particular brand I just make a new wheel and label a "B",  "C" etc.  

Here are visuals of two of my China Glaze wheels:

The reason I do the numbering this way is because it's much easier to write the numbers on the wheels than it is to try and squeeze the polish names onto the small space.  I tried once to write the names on the back of the swatches but I found that the marker showed through to the other side when it was behind a lighter color.

To go with each wheel, there is a corresponding index card.  The card is labelled the same as the wheel (ie: China Glaze 'A', China Glaze 'B', etc) and numbered 1 to 18, just as the wheel is.  So the name of the colors for each number on the wheel is written on the card next to its respective number.  This way when I see a color I want to use, I just look up on the card to see what color it is so I can find it in my stash.

Here are pics of the China Glaze cards that go with the wheels pictured above:

I do this for every polish I acquire before I add it to my stash, that way I have a nail wheel swatch and a card reference for every color in my collection.  I don't worry about keeping them in color order because that would be impossible.  When I have a batch of new colors to add, I do try for a "rainbow" order for each new group I add, but overall there is really no order to the colors on the wheels, but that's fine since I can still find everything easily with the cards!

So there you have it!  Do you like my system?  What kind of organizational system do you use for your collection? :)


  1. I like your system. It is similiar to mine, but I sort by color group instead of brand name...

  2. Very good idea!!! Where do you store all your polish?

  3. @Sarah: http://polishfixation.blogspot.com/2011/07/polish-display.html :)

  4. Very nice, I've only started doing the color wheels but been trying to think of a way to organize them. I like how you've done yours!

  5. This is awesome! I'm in the process of swatching all my polishes on wheels, but mine are by color family.

  6. So many beautiful colors! I would have lots of fun with wheels :) Love your system!

  7. I love looking at nail wheels, yes I am weird lol!

    shel xx

  8. Thanks so much for this post! I've been wanting to do wheels now for a while. I use a binder and have the name of the brand, name of polish, and a swatch of the color. I've posted about it before. But the wheels just look so pretty!

  9. loooove this dea probably gonna do the same; thanks for sharing!! [=


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