Friday, August 26, 2011

Orly Mineral FX: Rock Solid!!

When I saw my local Sally's had the new Orly Mineral FX out for sale the other day I was so excited!!  I tried to just pick out a few I wanted but wound up getting all six of them because they were all too pretty to pass up on any of them!

This post will be about my favorite of the group: Rock Solid.

First pics because I want you all to see how gorgeous this polish is:

This one was blurry but you can really see the sparkle in the bottle so I kept it

Pictures don't even do this polish as much justice as it deserves, it was super difficult to capture!  It's a girtty textured metal/charcoal grey color with lots of small round holo glitter.  The glitter doesn't get lost at all, as you can see.  This polish is so unique!

The formula was amazing too, pictures are two coats of polish with no topcoat.  I added topcoat after the pictures were taken because the finish was a little rough, but a layer of SV smoothed it right out, and it didn't take away at all from the brilliance of this polish, if anything it added to it!

You MUST go out to Sally's and try to find this polish, I've heard some stores won't have these displays out until September 1st, but if you're lucky, you can find one that has it out early like mine did!


  1. Ooooh, pretty!! I'll have to see if our Sally's is getting these! Are they any more difficult to remove than normal (or awful glitter) polish? lol

  2. Can you believe I just tried my first Orly ever? It's a great brand for the price-love the multi colored glitter

  3. @Sapheara I will update about the removal after I take it off! Decided to sport it as a full mani for the day :)


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