Sunday, August 28, 2011

POPBeauty: Foggy

The weather today felt very fitting to post this amazing grey polish for you all to see.  I had never tried any of POPBeauty's polishes before because they were always $10 at ULTA and it seemed like a lot to spend on a polish that I knew nothing about.  Well recently they were marked down to $5 at my ULTA (and at least a few others that I've heard of) and that seemed more reasonable a price to give them a try...and I am very glad I did!

This is the first of the colors I have tried out, it's called Foggy.

I love the tone of this polish  It's a perfect shade of grey and has shimmery flecks.  The formula was great and made application super easy!  These pictures are two coats of Foggy.

I have a few other colors from this brand to try, plus a few glitters!  Can't wait to see how those compare to Foggy, I'm hoping they are just as great!


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